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Do I Need An Alarm System If I Live In A Condo?

One of the most commonly asked questions is whether or not to have an alarm system when you live in a condo. You may be wondering this same thing when it is your first experience with living in this type of environment. For more help and information, Sevan Locks and Doors is a reliable security system company in the Downtown Seattle area. 

Reasons To Have A Security Alarm In A Condo

Many condos and apartments have a concierge or other forms of security provided by the complex. You should always have your safety precautions in place no matter where you live. Even if you live in a condo, it is advised to have a security system of your own. Here are some reasons why. 

You Have Control

Many rules and regulations need to be followed when you live within a condo complex. Rules that apply to your security alarm or the ones already installed on the property. The sound level is one of the most prevalent complaints that the owners hear. 

People do not want to be disturbed by other tenants' alarms going off. There are times when there isn’t an actual emergency occurring when they go off, which can upset some people. When you have your own system, you can adjust the sound to make sure it is heard by you and not disturbing your neighbors. 

The Pop-In Visits

Anyone who has ever lived in an apartment or condo knows that maintenance providers and landlords have a key to your home. This is for safety reasons and to provide the needed work that is required to be done to your appliances and more. But, whether they are workers or not, it can still make you a little uneasy knowing they can walk in whenever they want. 

If you have your own security system, whether it just be door alerts or cameras, you can be notified when someone walks in your door. With the technology of the systems now, you can even be alerted when you are away from home on your smart device. 

Wireless Options

If an alarm goes off at your apartment or condo complex that the facility owns, it will not necessarily alert you when you aren’t home. Many alarm systems can be installed wire-free, which these establishments prefer, which means it comes to your smart device. 

This gives you the ability to control your home's security even when you are not home. You can either have a movement notification, a door opening or even have cameras. The image of the camera can pop up directly on your phone. 

Make The Right Choice For You and Your Family

Your security and safety are the number one reason to install your own security system in your apartment or condo. You can never be too careful when it comes to safety. Cost is a common concern to many people. You are already paying monthly payments for rent and whatever else is involved in the condo contract. 

The security options that Sevan Locks and Doors can offer you can be supplied at an affordable rate. Our team would love to talk with you and explain the options available to you. There isn't a value that you can put on your overall safety. 

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