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Why Your New Home Needs A Security Systems

Did you just buy a new home in Downtown Seattle, WA? It is exciting, nerve wracking, and a fun time in your life. Have you considered what you are going to do to keep your home safe? Sevan Locks and Doors is a reputable security system company in the area that can help you out. In this article, we will discuss some of the many reasons that you need to have a security system in your home. 

Think About Where You Live

Everywhere is different, some places are safer than others. Talk to your neighbors and the realtor to get an idea of the crime rate in the area and if security systems are something that is recommended. Keep in mind, no matter how safe of a neighborhood you live in, there is always a chance something can occur. 

It Can Deter A Burglar

When you have a security system installed at your home, the company will provide you with stickers to put in your windows and signs to put in your yard. These are used to allow everyone to know that you have security measures at your home. 

Most of the time, a criminal is not going to mess with your home if they know that you have these measures at your house. They will skip right by your home so they can find somewhere they think they can get away with it at. This isn’t always the case, some may still try, but at least you have the security measures in place if that does happen. 

Help You To Feel More Secure

Your new home is everything that you have wanted and you are extremely happy with your new location, but you can still have nervous feelings. You are in a new place, with new people. A security system can give you the extra protection that you need to feel more comfortable and safe. 

With the systems that we install for you, you have the option to have cameras installed. This can add more protection for you, as you can view someone outside before opening the door. It is also a way to help catch someone doing wrongful action due to video proof.

Allows You To Feel Secure When Away From Home

Security systems now connect to mobile devices. That means that you have access to the security measures from your smartphone, tablet, or computer, no matter where you are. If you have cameras, you can check them at any time. 

There are also smart thermostats, keyless locks, and more that can all be controlled from your phone anywhere that you are. It is convenient to have more control over your home while you are away. 

You Can Lower Your Homeowners Insurance

Did you know that your insurance for your home can be lowered by having a security system installed? When you tell your insurance company that you have a system in your home, they will inform you about the rate deductions that there are to offer you. It is because your home is less likely to be broken into and endure damages if you have a security system.  

On average, homeowners have seen a reduction of 20% on their insurance. So, you are gaining a security system charged and deducted from your homeowner’s insurance monthly fees, in addition to giving yourself peace of mind about your safety. 

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