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3 Reasons Businesses Need CCTV and Access Control

There are many benefits that a business can see from having security systems. They can help deter unlawful acts and give you confidence when not at the company. With CCTV and access control systems at your business, you can still be fully involved even when traveling. Sevan Locks and Doors is the Downtown Seattle, WA company that many people have entrusted for security system needs. 

1. With Access Control You Can Set Boundaries

When it comes to many businesses, access points need to have permission for employees to pass through. This is usually due to privacy reasons or different requirements laid out by the business. With an access control panel, you can make this more accessible than ever. 

You can have these installed into your business and give access to the appointed employees. The employees can be given a code or scan card to get past specific locations in the business. This system will also keep track of who entered or exited the area, including the times the area was accessed. 

2. 24/7 Surveillance From Your Mobile Device

CCTV can take so much stress and worry off of you. As a business owner, you are constantly worried about your business and what is going on. Many jobs require a lot of traveling or times that you need to leave the office. 

These systems easily connect to any smart device that you want them to. The programs can be uploaded to smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This makes it so easy for you to check in on what is going on or check alerts from wherever you are. 

3. Prevent Employee Theft 

No one wants to believe that an employee will steal from them. You want to think that you have hired a trustworthy and reliable person to help at your business. Unfortunately, sometimes the actual characteristics of a person can be deceiving. That is why it is advised to have security measures in place. 

When you have a CCTV or access control system installed at your business, you can check in on any suspicious activity. If money has gone missing or items have disappeared, you can check the cameras. When employees know that there are cameras in the building, they are also less likely to try something like this.  

4. Insurance Rates Can Reduce

With some insurances, they will give you a break on your rates if you have surveillance systems installed. These can be access control panels, security alarms, and cameras. It is a good idea for you to check with them and see what they offer when you have these services. 

The reason that they do this is that you are reducing your risk of break-ins from happening. When it is posted that you have a security system, burglars will be less likely to try and break-in. Not a guarantee that they won't, but it is less likely that they will.  This makes it where the insurance companies have less worry that you will be filing a claim like this. 

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