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Why Apartment Complexes Need Access Control and CCTV

Access control and CCTV are very beneficial services to have for apartment complexes. For both the main office and apartments themselves. There are oftentimes cleaning crews and services that come through. Our access control system allows managers to track who entered the building and when, what credentials were used and much more.

What Is Access Control System and CCTV Integration?

Access control system prevents unauthorized individuals from entering the areas they're not suppose to. This is a great way to restrict access to apartment complexes' sensitive areas, schools, hospitals and offices. The system allows managers to give permissions to maintenance crews, handymen or cleaning personal and make sure they enter only to permitted areas. 

CCTV systems allow you to see in real time everything that happens in your facility. Security cameras can be installed inside or outside of the building and provide you full area view. You can check in on things any time that you want to, even when you are not able to be on the property. 

Apartment Complexes Can Benefit From This Type Of Security

There are a variety of different people of all natures living in apartment complexes. If there was to be a complaint made, you have security footage you can look back to. This can be a good way to have proof of the incident that is at hand. Great benefits that there are from having one or both of these security options are in detail below.

Maintenance Work

Vendors are able to access a building for various reasons. For times when work is needed in the building, cleaning needs to be done at night time or any other services that require to be scheduled:

  • Broken Appliances
  • Filters Needing Changed
  • A Problem With The Water 

Tenants may work during the day and have to shuffle their schedule around to be there when the work is being done. By having access control system installed and a key fob assigned to the professional working on the problem you can rest assured that your restricted areas will stay safe and secure.

Codes are given to specific individuals to access the buildings at certain times. This is a security feature of the security system. That way you know who entered the facility and what time in case of a problem. 


The CCTV security system is a good way to check the footage. If a tenant is complaining of an incident occurring or when an insurance claim or police report is needing to be made.

Any time that you have proof of exactly how a situation played out, the better. That way there isn’t any question about missing contents of the story. It can be hard to file an insurance claim, but when you have proof, it is much easier. 

Less Risk

When you have a key to the door of your apartment, there are times you may lose it. This is a problem since you are unsure of its location. Did you drop it or did someone steal it? There is also the chance that someone can make a copy of your key. This is a big security problem.

If there aren’t any keys involved, then there is less to worry about. The access control security system allows you to deactivate the lost key fobs in a second and prevent strangers from entering the facility. 

Easier For The Landlords

When a problem comes about and you are not on the property, you have the ability to check the cameras. You can assist the tenant or worker that's concerned with the ability to check the footage. When there's an alert that someone entered an area while you're not there, you can access the cameras right from your smartphone from anywhere in the world. Please call us to learn more.

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