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If My Home Was Broken Into Should I Change My Security System?

Getting your home broken into can make you uncomfortable and feel like your privacy has been violated. That is because it has been. Someone has come into your home and gone through your things without permission being given. 

It still can happen when you have a security system installed on your home. Sevan Locks and Doors is a company that is located in Seattle, WA, and can help with your security system needs. They are highly qualified with all there is to know about making your home safe. 

Having a Security System

A security system is a great thing to have to help you feel safer in your home. If you are home when the break-in happens, it is a great way to notify you of the danger. When you are away from your home, it is great to have the evidence. 

The added bonus of cameras are always nice as well, they can give the police an idea of who it was or how many people were involved. Just having the signs in your yard or window stickers visible that you have a security system installed in your home can deter a robbery from happening. Although, some people may still try. 

How To Deter A Burglar

One of the most dreaded things that can happen to your home is a break-in. It is something that can instill fear in you about being in your home alone if you have experienced a break-in before. There are some measures that you can take to help prevent someone from breaking in, such as:

  • Security System- When you have a device in your home to alert you of a beak in, burglars may choose to skip your house. This makes it harder for them to go unnoticed.
  • A Dog- A lot of times people will be deterred from a home that has a dog in it. When they hear the dog barking they may change their mind in fear of the dog biting them.
  • Doorbell Camera- Doorbell camera can catch a lot that goes on outside your home. Usually, the angle they are positioned gives you a good view of the person. Most connect to your phone, giving you the opportunity to speak to them, even if you are not home. 

Should You Change Your System After A Break-In

Changing your system completely is not necessary after a break-in, although you may be made aware of the better placement of cameras or sensors. You add additional safety features to your security system if needed to enhance your protection. If you have given your code out to anyone for various reasons and you weren’t able to identify the burglar, then it is advised to change your security code. 

Many places will recommend that you change your code every so often to ensure that no one else has the code but yourselves. Don’t do this too often, you are bound to get them confused if you do that. But, just due to a break-in you don’t have to change the whole system, just the codes if it will make you feel better. 

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