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What Is The Best Type Of Door Lock For Homes in Seattle

Safety is the number one concern for people when it comes to their homes and family. When you are thinking of the ways to make your home safe and secure, take into consideration what locks you put on your doors. Making sure that the locks on your home are top notch and working to the best of their ability. 

With the wide range of locks to choose from out there today, it can be a stressful decision. With the variety ranging from traditional locks all the way to the keyless locks that are offered now. When you look to Sevan Locks & Doors for help with the locks for your home, you can guarantee great service. 

Hiring The Right Person For the Job

When you are looking for a locksmith to do some work for you. It is extremely important to do your research and hire a professional. A lot of people and companies will claim to know what they are doing. Just because they are an established business does not mean that they are licensed and bonded.

This is a service that you are trusting your safety in. The person who is helping you with the locks on your home, needs to be trained and educated. If they arent you are taking you safety into the wrong hands. 

Choosing the Right Lock For You

Making the decision for which lock suits you right can be overwhelming when you see all the options that there are. Sevan Locks & Doors is able to help you with all your questions and concerns with the different locks. Here is an overview of the locks that we offer. 

  1. Medeco Locks- These locks are very strong with a hardened stainless steel. This lock is constantly being tested and looked over to make sure that it is burglary safe. 
  2. Schalge Locks- This lock is particularly one of the most well known ones. With its sleek and professional design it is ideal for an outdoor lock. They range from your normal lock and key locks to your digital locks that you can control from anywhere at any time.
  3. Pocket Door locks- These pocket doors are commonly put on closets and bathrooms. Installing a lock on these doors is ideal for privacy. They are very sleek in design and just what you need if you have the need to lock up valuables behind a pocket door.
  4. August Smart Lock- These are the best smart locks there are. The lock connects directly to your electronics. You can completely program this to all your needs. Everything from giving guests a pass code to the cleaning lady. It keeps track of what code was used when, so you know when and who was coming and going. 
  5. Yale Smart Locks- These are smart locks that work very similar to the August locks. They also maximize your security by connectly to you electronic devices. It allows you the opportunity to make pass codes for certain people, and keeping track of who has which code. You can also connect thi to your home security systems and have video surveillance. 

Let Sevan Locks & Doors Help You

We at Sevan Locks & Doors are highly trained and dedicated to our work. It is our honor to assist you in the process of deciding on what lock will best suit you and your lifestyle. Taking our job seriously and keeping your safety in mind. Call us to get started on making your home the safest it possibly can be. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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