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5 Top Rated Safes For Your Seattle Business

From cash to sensitive information about clients, Seattle businesses have important assets that need protection. Business safes will keep your documents, cash and other valuable items protected and out of harm’s way. There are plenty of options on the market to choose from so our team here at Sevan Locks and Doors compiled a list of five of the highest-rated business safes in the Seattle area. 

1. Stealth Drop Safe Front Load Depository Vault

Weighing in at over 90 pounds, this safe is big, solid, sturdy, and impenetrable. It is made out of high-quality steel, meaning your valued items are always protected. It includes two deadbolts and measures ½ inch thick. 

The lock is electronic and patented, relocking itself every time you close the safe. This door has teeth and baffles that make it nearly impervious to theft if you want to use the Stealth Drop vault to store cash. You also have the option of bolting this safe to the ground to prevent people from carrying it off the ground. 

2. AmazonBasics Security Safe

This safe is more appropriate for smaller stashes. It’s only 17 inches long, 15 inches wide, and seven inches high. It comes with four bolts so you can mount the safe on a shelf or a wall if that’s what you prefer. 

The access is all-digital, meaning there are no keys for you to worry about. You can change the password of the safe as many times as you would like to ensure all of your belongings are safe. The interior is carpeted so your contents remain scratch and damage-free. 

3. SentrySafe Fire-Resistant and Water-Resistant Safe

If you are more concerned about fire and water damage over theaves, we recommend this safe. It is built to withstand temperatures of up to 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour. This buys time for the fire department to put out any fire before your belongings are gone for good. 

Your belongings will also be safe when they begin to hose down the area. This safe can sit in water for up to 24 hours while still protecting your belongings. It can also withstand drops of up to 15 feet without springing open making this safe nearly catastrophe proof. 

4. Barska Large Keypad Depository Safe

This safe is designed for businesses that often have issues with break-ins. The drop slot is equipped with sharp teeth which makes it nearly impossible to get any belongings out. Any potential burglar risks significant self-harm if they try to break in. 

This safe can retain two digit pin codes for authorized access. There is also an option to open with a key if the safe’s battery dies. If you’re number one priority is protecting your items from break-ins, this may be the safe for you. 

5. First Alert 2087F

This is one of the best stationary safes on the market. This model features a patented lockdown mechanism that bolts the safe down to make sure it stays wherever you put it. It is large and can hold all types of equipment ranging from files and documents to computers and other electronic media. 

Since it’s stationary, you may worry about this safe in the event of a flood. However, this safe is fully submersible. It uses a combination lock but it also comes with two override keys in case of emergency. 

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