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Who Handles Ignition Repair in Seattle?

When you are on the way out, there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to start your vehicle. It can be challenging to narrow down what exactly is causing a car not to start, but some clues can point to your ignition switch being faulty. It is essential to go to someone you can trust and knows how to do ignition switch repairs.

What is an Ignition Switch

The ignition switch is made of many different systems that work together to start and stop a vehicle and activate the electric components. The ignition switch is how the car is turned on, it usually consists of a key, fob, or some kind button or switch. When the car is turned on, the ignition causes a spark that activates the various parts of the engine. 

Why Do Ignition Switches Go Bad

Ignition switches are usually made of metal components that are subject to regular wear and tear. Most ignitions do not go bad quickly or overnight and will have intermittent problems before ultimately going out. Ignition switches are usually sensitive to humidity and extreme temperatures. The reason most ignitions become faulty is due to human error. The most common are:

  •  heavy key chains are weighing and pulling down the tumblers of the system.
  • Jamming or yanking keys in and out of the system.
  • Inserting incorrect keys or other items into the fitting.
  • Jiggling or rough turning a key in the already loose-fitting.

How To Tell if Your Ignition is Bad

It can sometimes be hard to narrow down issues to just the ignition because the problems are intermittent and can be symptoms of other issues as well. One of the most telling signs of faulty ignitions switches is a disruption of power to the vehicle electronics and engine. The switch contacts that become worn and damaged can cause momentary loss of voltage as the vehicle vibrates from regular use. Flickering dashboard or vehicle lights is also a sure sign of a bad ignition switch. 

Other not as typical signs of a faulty ignition switch include:

  • Engine not starting- if there are no additional problems with the car, then it can be the ignition switch. The security anti-theft light on or flashing is a sign that the vehicle does not recognize your key, and this can be a sign of switch issues. 
  • Starter motor not starting after turning the key- this can be a sign that your key is not making good contact to close the circuit. This can be checked by turning the key to the accessories position and testing the electronic components of the car. 
  • Problems removing the key- this can be caused by the steering wheel is locked up. Jiggle the steering wheel to try to unlock it. If the key does not release, then there can be an issue with the ignition switch column. 
  • Engine not turning off when the key is removed- this is a sure sign of ignition issues. The key not making adequate contact when turning will not let the circuit be closed. 

Who Can Handle Ignition Repair

 It is crucial to have someone that can meet you where you are when you have ignition issues. If you need emergency services, a mobile locksmith can meet you in 20-30 minute 24-7. Dealership ignition services can be over $1000; at Sevan Locks and Doors, we pride ourselves on giving our customers the most comprehensive services at the lowest possible cost. We always use our specially trained in house professionals to ensure each job is done to our customer’s complete satisfaction. When you need repairs done to your ignition or any other part of your car, contact us.

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