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Why You Need to Use The ProdataKey For Your Business in Seattle?

Keeping our investments protected is a part of owning our own businesses. What if I told you there is a way to monitor all the traffic in and out of your business from a remote location? Well, there is! So let’s talk about Prodata Key, which is now available at SevanLocks Seattle. 

What is ProdataKey?

Accessibility, security, and control. That’s the power that ProdataKey gives business owners. ProdataKey is a streamlined, all-in-one door control and monitoring system. ProdataKey boasts these key features:

  • Door Status
  • Live Monitoring
  • Full Mobile Management
  • Instant Alerts
  • Cloud Management

Consider ProdataKey For Your Business

ProdataKey is giving business owners the freedom to enjoy their time away from work. ProdataKey allows the owners to view live video feeds of what is happening in real-time when they are away. Also, with a push of a button from their mobile device, they can lock or unlock all doors at their business. This control over their investment is giving them the freedom they didn’t have with their outdated security measures. Consider ProdataKey for your business! Enjoy your time off knowing that ProdataKey has your investment secured and dutifully monitored. 

What Is Remote Door Control?

Long gone are the days where business owners made hard copies of their business keys and passed them out to their most trusted employees. With ProdataKey you are now able to unlock/lock any door in your business, any time of the day, from any location! Give our SevanLocks team of professionals a call if you’re ready to upgrade your business’s security.

Live Monitoring is Included with ProdataKey

Everyone is getting video recording devices to step up the security of their homes these days. Upon installation of your new ProdataKey system, your business will also have live video monitoring. This means you can view who is coming and going from your workplace in real-time from your phone.

Full Mobile Management

ProdataKey can be accessed from any mobile device. This feature sets it apart from other comparable door access systems that require an access system for managing the control panel of the ProdataKey. All you need to control the operating functions of your ProdataKey is an internet connection. Which definitely gives ProdataKey the advantage over its competitors. 

Instant Alerts 

Know what is happening each second with instant alerts. The instant alert feature will notify you day or night of anyone coming or going from your place of business. The alert will also tell you who is moving through your business and what doors have been used.

Cloud Management

The cloud node gives the ProdataKey another advantage over the competition. There are up to six months of backup data for protection stored in the cloud. This feature also allows the ProdataKey system to be installed seamlessly in your business without the use of a bunch of wires. Making the ProdataKey a top choice for those looking for convenience. 

Unparalleled Protection

The use of ProdataKey is exactly what business owners need to protect their businesses. Owning a business is a tremendous investment, and being able to protect that investment is a top priority. ProdataKey offers all the features that are important for an effective and convenient security system. ProdataKey gives the business owner full control, 6 months of back-up, and there are no messy cables everywhere.

Contact SevanLocks for Your ProdataKey

Give us a call when you’re ready to upgrade your business’s security. It is an investment in your business that will give you peace of mind, real-time monitoring, and control. ProdataKey is the way to go for a more secure business!  

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