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Why You Should Always Keep Your Garage Door Closed Overnight

Your garage door is the largest entry point to your home. If left open and unmonitored, it can pose several risks to you and your home. At Sevan Locks and Doors, we want you to know why you should always keep your garage door closed overnight.

Keep Out the Critters

Your garage can be a welcoming environment to all kinds of unwanted house guests. Bugs, rodents, and even neighborhood cats or dogs would gladly make themselves at home in your garage. Sure, pests can find their way into your home in sorts of ways, but why make it even easier for them.

Because you don’t live in your garage, invading pests can sneak in and nest without being noticed. This can mean that they multiply unchecked for quite a while before you take action. Keep your door closed when not in use, especially overnight, to prevent them from walking right in unhindered.

Stay Dry and Safe

Severe storms can do all kinds of damage to your home, and your garage is no exception. Leaving your garage door open overnight leaves it vulnerable to wind and rain damage if a storm comes through. Excessive rain and wind can damage all kinds of items you might have in storage:

  • Photo albums and keepsakes
  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Vehicles

In cases of extreme wind like hurricanes or tornadoes, you can actually experience damage to the rest of your home. High winds concentrated in the garage have been known to cause a build-up of pressure and cause the roof to blow off. Close up your door each night to be sure that a sudden weather event doesn’t do even more damage.

Secure Your Home

Obviously, the most important reason you should always keep your garage door closed overnight is for safety and security. An open garage door is a highly vulnerable entry point for would-be burglars or even a thief of opportunity. First, a criminal could enter your garage and do plenty of stealing without ever entering the main part of the house. There might be plenty of value stored in your garage, or in your vehicle.

Second, the darkness of the garage’s interior gives an extra layer of cover to someone trying to break in. They might not attempt to pick your front door lock right out on the street. However, slipping into a dark garage gives them plenty of time to work in quiet without risk of being seen.

Smart Openers Can Help

Smart devices and the internet of things are making our homes more and more automated. Garage doors are now part of the gang with new wi-fi enables openers. You can connect your garage door opener to your wi-fi and control it via a smartphone app. One great advantage here is the ability to monitor the state of your garage door at any time.

If you’re in bed and can’t remember if you closed the door, simply pull up the app and check. If it’s still open, you can close it right there from your phone. You can even set alerts to notify your phone if your door has been open for too long. This is very helpful for the forgetful types out there!

Call Us for Garage Door Service

Perhaps you’re not leaving your garage door open by choice. Maybe your garage door is not able to close, or doesn’t close all the way. A broken garage door opener could even be the cause of your lowered security level.

Sevan Locks and Doors is here to help you out. Give us a call and we can help you with your garage door repair needs so you can always keep your garage door closed overnight.

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