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Top Reasons to Replace Seattle Commercial Door Locks

Companies rely on locks and alarms to maintain a secure environment. Businesses must protect their assets, equipment, and employees. And any type of theft costs businesses money and their reputations. Quality locks and alarms are a necessary corporate investment. Discover some of the top reasons to call a Seattle locksmith to replace commercial door locks.

Old-Fashioned Locks

Often commercial buildings have been standing for generations. And some of them have not been renovated for a long time. If your office still uses a big set of keys on a ring, it is time to get rid of the old-fashioned locks. New locks operate efficiently and smoothly. And they provide a superior level of security. Consult with a Seattle locksmith about getting updated locks with deadbolts.

Let Go of Former Employees

Sometimes a company must terminate employees under less than satisfactory conditions. And there are workers who steal, lie or share proprietary secrets. Disgruntled employees may attempt to enter the premises and do damage to corporate assets. Installing new locks is a minor investment that can save companies money and aggravation in the future.

Do Not Duplicate Keys

Often businesses feel they are protected because they issue Do Not Duplicate keys to employees. While this reduces the risk of having copies made, there are still ways to duplicate them. When an employee leaves on poor terms, take immediate action to protect the facility. Fortunately, a locksmith replaces commercial door locks and keys on the spot. And this includes all types, such as high-security locks.

Improve Overall Security

Are your current locks efficient enough to keep intruders out of the building? As a company grows, management must consider the risks of owning a lucrative business. Expanding businesses invest in more equipment and resources. Others store costly goods. All of these items make a company vulnerable to theft. A locksmith offers suggestions to help commercial facilities improve overall security. There are solutions for every situation and budget.

Lost Door Keys

It seems inevitable someone loses their house or car keys at least once in a lifetime. Unfortunately, employees also lose their company keys. And if someone finds them, the business becomes vulnerable to intrusions. Encourage everyone to be honest if they lose a set of keys. Consider having new locks installed to ensure the premises will not be compromised.

Install an Access Control System

An access control system offers flexible protection of your premises. A skilled locksmith installs access control systems based on your specifications. Three basic types of credentials are used to get in, including a pin or password, a fob or smart card, and a fingerprint, biometric scan or voice recognition. And this type of upgraded system eliminates the need for new locks. The initial investment is worth the protection provided by an access control system. And company managers decide who gets access to the premises and when they can enter it.

Updated Security System

Another option is to get an updated security system. Modern systems integrate various elements such as access control, keys, and alarms. A system can be specially designed for your company. The system may include locks and alarms on doors, windows, and other points of access. And some companies may decide to invest in additional means of protection, such as a safe to store cash and pertinent paperwork.

Consider if one or more of these reasons pertain to your company. If so, contact a Seattle locksmith to find out more about updated locks and security systems to protect your business assets.

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