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Smart Tips So You Never Lose Your Seattle Keys Again

We have all done it. We lost our keys, and it always has to happen at a time when we need them the most. Perhaps there will be a time when we will never need keys again, a time when almost all security facilities implement a biometric feature. Think about car doors, windows, front doors, padlocks, cable locks, all of which can only be unlocked with your thumbprint or with an eye scan. The technology exists now, but it is not cheap. For now, let us discuss some ways how you can spare yourself the agony of losing your keys.

Give Your Keys a Home

The most common problem with losing keys is they never have a designated place. People tend to just toss it somewhere like the center table or the couch, and before they know it, the keys get misplaced. Or sometimes they leave it in their pockets and forget to take it out. After a few days, you won’t remember it is in your jeans’ right pocket.

Put your keys in areas that are accessible, like behind the front door. Hang it on a key holder that is visible to you but not to intruders. Put it in an obscure glass on a counter and always make it a habit of leaving it, and taking it, from that exact spot. It should only be missing from that specific spot if you are about to leave the house.

Make Your Keys Own a Space

Keys commonly get lost as we are out and about. Similar to the first tip, there must be a designated place for your keys. You can put it in your right pocket or a specific compartment or pouch in your bag. Make it a habit to place it there. Feel that pocket from time to time. One day, it becomes second to nature that you know it isn’t there when the particular feel or weight of the keys is missing.

Use a Remote Key Finder

Technology is our boon. Today, you can find products specifically designed to locate your keys. A remote key finder has two parts: the key rings and the remote control.

You attach your keys to a specific key ring. If you lose this ring with its keys, you press a button on the remote control, and the key ring will beep loudly, like an alarm. Hearing this will help you locate your keys quickly. However, this is not helpful if you lost your keys somewhere far from the remote, or if you lost both.

Use an App to Find Your Keys

Similar to key rings, this product comes with a ring where you attach your keys. The difference is that you must download an app on your phone. The app will recognize the key ring, its whereabouts, and will locate it on a digital map should you lose it. If you lost your rings with your bag, which probably includes your phone, all you need to do is download the app on a friend’s phone, enter your credentials, and locate your keys from there.

Go Manual

Well, when all gadgets fail, the last thing you can do is to search for your keys manually. Experts claim that the first thing to do is to stop panicking. Whenever we lose our keys, our brains go into panic mode, and this clouds our logical reasoning and judgment. Remain calm. And then narrate your story. Yes, speak out loud to help the brain remember vividly the possible locations where you could have dropped your keys—the grocery aisle, the public washroom, the parking lot, and more.

If it does not work, call a professional Seattle locksmith. Fortunately, a reputable local locksmith is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help you through any lost key quandary.

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