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Top Reasons to Have a Seattle Locksmith Install Amazon Key

Ensure your home is secure while still having the ability to lock and unlock your door remotely with the innovative Amazon Key. This technology makes it possible to grant access to your home for delivery people, dog walkers or other trusted individuals. To ensure your Amazon Key is installed, safe, and ready to go, it is a good idea to have a Seattle locksmith handle the installation.

Understanding Amazon Key

Amazon Key is a service currently available only to Amazon Prime members in select cities, including Seattle. To setup Amazon Key service, you need to buy a kit that includes the Key Edition Amazon Cloud Cam and a compatible Yale or Kwikset smart lock. The equipment is available on Amazon.

How Amazon Key Works

After everything is installed, you're good to go. When you are shopping at Amazon, select the ‘free in-home delivery’ option. Once the item is delivered, Amazon will authorize the delivery, turn on the indoor security camera, and unlock your door. The delivery person will temporarily be granted access to place your packages inside your home. You will receive a notification and have the option to watch the delivery happen live through the app on your smartphone or view a recording of it after the fact. After everything is complete, Amazon will relock your door and secure your home.

Security of Amazon Key

Unfortunately, packages left outside homes are sometimes stolen. Amazon Key makes it possible for packages to be safely and securely placed inside your home upon delivery. This prevents theft and ensures you receive the items you order. Theft is bad enough, but as thieves approach your home to grab your items, they also have the opportunity to get close and inspect the doors and windows, which could lead to more issues and problems. Amazon Key prevents the theft of packages and also reduces the odds of criminals coming close and casing your home.

Added Benefits

Use Amazon Key to let trusted people, from a housekeeper, dog walker, contractor, or even out-of-town guests into your home when you are not there. Amazon Key is also helpful if you have a child who routinely forgets his or her house key as you can let your little one in remotely. If you forget (or cannot remember) if you locked the door behind you as you dashed out, Amazon Key makes it possible to check. If you did, in fact, forget to secure your door, you can remotely lock it at any time.

Professional Installation

Ensure your Amazon Key system is correctly installed by working with a Seattle locksmith. When you purchase the Amazon Key in-home kit, call us to set up a time for the installation. Our team of trained professional will handle the entire process and make sure everything works. They will also make sure you understand how to use your new remote access system.

Understanding a Smart Lock

Locks are a pivotal security component, and professional installation ensures the job is done properly and quickly. Amazon Key is compatible with select Kwikset or Yale smart locks. A smart lock is just like any other door lock set, except it is electromechanical and can be controlled via an authorized device.

Using Your New Lockset

When using the compatible app, you can lock and unlock your smart lock through a smartphone, tablet or other internet-connected devices. Many smart locks also feature a keypad, so you can also control the lock by entering a code. The code can easily be changed as often as you prefer. Our team of trusted locksmiths will go over how to customize the code on your new smart lock so that you can make changes as necessary.

Cloud Cam Installation

When using Amazon Key, the smart lock is one part of the installation. We will also make sure the Cloud Cam is set up to have a clear view of your door, and that the camera and built-in microphone are both completely operational.

Trusted Professionals

For your Amazon Key system to work, each component needs to be set up correctly. Our team is familiar with the system, and we have the proper training and knowledge to get everything installed and working. We take home security very seriously, and we want our customers to feel safe. As such, we always take the time to review everything with our clients.

To get the most from your Amazon Key setup, you need to understand how to use it. Training is also part of our process. It includes how to lock and unlock the door, as well as how to use different features, such as the block access setting.

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