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5 Reasons to Install a Door Panic Bar at Your Seattle Business

Panic bars go by several names, such as crash bar, panic exit device or push bar. All of these terms describe the same thing: a spring-loaded horizontal bar used to open commercial business doors from the inside. When the bar has pressed the latch securing the door is released, and the door can be pushed open. This simple design improves safety and efficiency and is a frequent sight on many commercial doors. If you own a commercial building, it is worth considering adding panic bars to the doors.

Background of Panic Bars

Like most things related to safety panic bars came about as a resolution to unfortunate events. When there were fires or other issues that required theaters, schools or other buildings with many people inside to quickly evacuate traditional door latches and locks were deemed inefficient and not safe. Panic bars were created as a way to secure a door, but allow it to easily open from the inside in the event of a panic. Easy evacuation should allow people to quickly and safely to leave the building; panic bars make this possible.

Panic Bars Become Commonplace

Over time panic bars have become normal. Regulations mandating the use of panic bars exist in some instances. Many businesses choose to use panic bars even though they are not required to do so just for the ease, convenience and the added benefit of improving safety. If you are considering installing a panic bar at your business here are five reasons why you should.

1. Safety

A door equipped with a panic bar can easily be opened with a slight push. In the event of a fire or the need to evacuate doors with a panic bar can easily be opened. The door will not slow down evacuation efforts and will allow people to quickly get out of the building. The bottleneck caused by other types of door latches can result in more issues, such as falls, people being crushed and even people being trampled. Most fire standards and safety codes require commercial buildings to feature doors with panic bars due to the improved safety.

To ensure proper installation and maintenance of panic bars work with a locksmith trained and licensed in commercial applications.

2. Efficiency

Panic bars make it easy to quickly and easily unlatch and open a door. The design is often easier to operate than a doorknob or lever handle. Panic bar door mechanisms can be used without issue by the elderly and young children, as well as people with handicaps or impairments. Ease of use is an advantage of installing doors with panic bars at your business.

3. Cost Effective

Safety and ease of use are certainly compelling reasons to install panic bars on the doors of your business. Panic bars are also a more cost-effective option. Many customers prefer automatic doors; however, automatic doors are expensive and require regular maintenance to continue to operate properly and safely. If there is an issue with automatic doors, the doors may be inoperable which can impact safety in the event of an issue or just be an inconvenience to customers. Panic bars offer a level of convenience to customers all while being a less expensive option for business.

4. Insurance Benefit

Many commercial insurance companies offer a discount when safety features are implemented. In instances where panic bars are not required, but they are installed anyway this increases the safety of a building. Increasing the safety beyond what is mandated often translates into a discount on the property owner’s insurance policy. The safety of customers and tenants is certainly important, but if making the building safe saves money at the same time that’s a nice perk.

6. Versatility

Panic bars all function the same basic way, but there are other features available. There are different styles and looks, and even price points, so you can find the option that is the best fit for your business. Some panic bars ensure the door remains locked from the outside, and can only be opened from the inside. Some panic bars are outfitted with an alarm, so if the door is opened the police or fire department will be notified of a potential issue.

It is essential to meet any safety standards required of your business and for a good reason. These standards are put into place to keep people safe. Panic bars on business doors improve the safety of a building, allow for quick and easy evacuation and can prevent a tragedy before it happens. Finding the right panic bars for your business will not only increase the safety but can also make it easier for customers to use the doors.

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