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Keeping Seattle Homes Safe and Secure During Vacations

Going on vacation should be a fun and joyous occasion. We go on vacation to get away from the day-to-day stresses of life. We do not want to stress about the security of our home while we are on our much-needed time away. There are specific steps that you can take to ensure that home is safe while you’re away. Take inventory of your current locks and other security placements in and around your home.

Replace Locks

Examine every lock in your home and ensure that it functions properly. Before leaving town, consider replacing your locks.

Extra Protection

Replacing locks provides extra security in case your current locks were compromised in any way. You should replace existing locks and add locks, such as deadbolts, to provide extra protection. Consider how many duplicate keys you made of your current house keys and you see the need for new locks.

Add Deadbolts

While going through your home and assessing current locks, consider adding deadbolt locks to your doors.

Greater Security

Deadbolt locks provide extra security as they are not easily manipulated. Adding these locks is a good way to give your home extra security.

Lock Windows

It is important to examine all entryways into your home, including every window. If you do not already have secure window locks in place, arrange to have them installed immediately.

Stable Yet Easy to Lock

Windows should fasten and lock with ease. When windows are locked, they should not give or wiggle when you are attempting to open them.

Secure Doors

If you have sliding glass doors, consider placing a rod of some sort in the track to keep the door from opening.

Keeping Intruders Out

This provides extra security by keeping intruders out. You can secure regular doors with heavy-duty locks, such as deadbolt locks.

Garage Door Security

A faulty garage door is detrimental to a home’s safety and security. Check your garage for any potential security risks.

Limited Access

Unplug the power to an automatic garage door for when you’re away. This prevents someone from opening the door with a universal remote. Any malfunction that could cause the door to open at any time. Limiting access to your garage door gives your home more security while you’re not able to monitor the situation.

Safes and Vaults

Adding safes and vaults to your home provide optimum security for your valuables.

Keep Valuables Secure

These are the places within your home to safely store away your most precious possessions, such as expensive jewelry or weapons. They also make a great place to store stuff worth a lot of money while you are away on vacation. Place items you would usually leave out and on display in your vault or safe.

Use a Remote System to Monitor Your Home

You don't want to worry about the security of your home while you are on vacation. You must take the necessary steps to secure your home from any possible intruders.

Electronic Monitoring

An alarm and camera system that you can monitor electronically and remotely is ideal, especially when you are out of town. This adds to your peace-of-mind and allows you to actually enjoy your vacation.

Examine the Perimeter of Your Home

It is a good idea to inspect your property from the outside. What does your home look like from the road? There are some measures you can take on the outside of your home to keep what is inside safe.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

Make sure that there are no valuable items on display in the windows. Move televisions and electronics out of sight. Strategically place curtains and blinds to prevent any unnecessary peeping.


Proper lighting is always important when it comes to outdoor and indoor security. Strategically place lighting while you are away on your relaxing vacation. Make sure there is lighting inside that can be seen from the outside. You do not want it to make it obvious that nobody is home. Leaving a few lights on throughout the home, or using timer-set lights, can provide an illusion that there is someone inside occupying the space.

Add Plenty of Light

It is important for the outside of your home to be well-lit. Neighbors should be able to see all around your home, making it harder for an intruder to hide and sneak around in the shadows. Solar lights make the outside of a home look nicely decorated while keeping the property alight at night. Adding motion-detecting lights to provide extra security is also a very good idea. These lights turn on when they detect movement. These lights tend to be bright and alarming, which offers an excellent way to scare intruders when you are not home.

Limit Knowledge

The last thing you want to do is inform the world that you are away from home. To keep your home safe and secure while you are away, be discreet about your vacation.

Avoid Public Announcements

Do not post announcements that you are going on vacation on social media. Do not leave automatic or answering machine replies revealing that you are on vacation. Resist the urge to post pictures of your vacation until you are back home.

There are many other ways to secure your home when you’re on vacation. You can ask close friends, neighbors or relatives for their assistance with checking in on your home while you are away. Your home can never be too secure! Contact Sevan Locks and Doors with any of your lock and security needs.

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