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How to Keep Home Rentals Safe and Secure

Whether you own or rent your home, you need to keep it safe and secure. You want to feel safe when you're inside your dwelling and feel confident in your security when you're away from it. Renting presents its own unique set of security concerns. When you're a homeowner, you can install your own security system. If you are renting your home, you are limited to what you can change because you’re not the owner of the property. A major security system isn't something you can or would do as a renter of a home. While it may sound like you're completely at the mercy of your landlord, there are other things you can do improve your security while renting. Take your safety into your own hands. Discover how to improve the security and safety of rental homes with a few practical tips.

Before Signing the Lease

The best thing you can do is take a look at things before signing a lease. It can also be helpful to take some photos.

Investigate the Area

If you're currently renting, this advice may be a bit late for your current home, but it’s something to keep in mind when you move in the future. Before you sign the lease and move in somewhere, thoroughly investigate the neighborhood. You can check crime information and how those living in the area rate their experience. Larger cities may have online crime statistics you can check using a map-based interface.

Walk Around

Observe the new neighborhood by taking a walk around it during the day. Take note of how you feel as you do this. Do you feel safe, or do you feel like danger is lurking everywhere? Take note of the general upkeep of the buildings and lawns in the area. If the lawns are in poor shape, this could be a red flag. If there is graffiti, this also could mean a high-crime area. Take note of how busy the street is when you’re out and about during the day. Check out the new neighborhood by taking a walk around it at night. You may want to bring someone else along with you just in case you are in a bad area. This shows you what the area is like after dark. You should also take note of how busy the street is at night after you saw what it was like in daylight.

Talk to Your Insurance Agent

To further investigate the potential for crime in the area you're looking at, talk to your insurance agent about rates in the area. The safer the neighborhood is, the lower the rates will be. If the rates are high, the more dangerous the area is in the eyes of insurance agents.

After You Move In

After you move in, talk to your landlord about regular maintenance issues that may make it harder to keep your place secure.

Check Outdoor Lighting

Your house should have proper and ample outdoor lighting. The more lighting you have, the more discouraging it is for potential burglars. Check the lighting and motion detectors to see if they work properly. You can check this before you move into the place. If they break after you move in, contact your landlord as soon as possible and ask them to fix the problem.

Examine the Landscaping

Landscaping can be great for burglars to hide behind. Look for any problem areas that block your view of various places of the yard. If there are trees or shrubs that are overgrown and causing a problem, ask your landlord to cut them back.

Invest in Window Coverings

To prevent people from looking in and seeing what is worth stealing in your home, your window coverings, whether they are blinds or drapes, must cover the entire window. Keep these closed whenever you're not home to avoid enticing burglars to break in when you’re absent from the premises.

Buy More Locks

If the home doesn't have deadbolt locks, talk to your landlord. If your landlord isn't willing to install deadbolts for you, do it yourself. Deadbolts are much harder to break through than traditional locks. If there is a deadbolt, you may want to ask the landlord to replace it since others who have lived there may still have keys that will open it. Check the locks on all of the windows as well. All of the locks should work properly. If they don't, this is also something that you can talk to your landlord about to make your home more secure.

Install a Renting-Friendly Alarm

There are different approaches that you can use when renting. There is an alarm that will go off when the window is broken. Consider alarm products that are wireless that may be good for your situation.

Get a Safe

Whether you're renting or own your home, it's a good idea to have a safe. Keep especially valuable items in your safe to hide them from burglars. If your landlord allows it, bolt the safe to the floor. That way, a thief can't just pick it up and take the entire thing.

Buy Renter's Insurance

Renter's insurance will protect your belongings and may replace them at full cost. This peace of mind can’t bring your belongings back, but it can reimburse you for any losses.

Work with a Seattle locksmith to help you find ways to make your rental home more secure so you feel at ease in your new place.

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