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Spring Cleaning Ideas and the Best Home Security Systems

Spring is a time of renewal both for your yard as well as for your home. To go along with spring cleaning of these areas, it's a good idea to look at your security measures at the same time. You want to make sure that you and your family are safe in the coming months and many things are good to check at least once a year. Consider a few spring cleaning ideas including setting up the best home security systems.

Check Your Outdoor Motion Detector Lights

For the security of your house, you should have motion detector lights on the outside of your home.

Be alerted about movement

This is a great security measure that deters burglars because the lights come on when they sense movement. If you don't already have motion sensors, now is a great time of year to install some. If you do have them, replace the bulbs and verify that they still work after the winter weather.

Reinforce Doors with Deadbolt Locks

Extra security on your outside doors is a good way to deter thieves as well. Deadbolts are more difficult to pick, so it's important to have them on all of the doors that lead into your home.

Replace broken deadbolt locks

If any of your current deadbolts are broken, replace them to add needed security to the doors on your home.

Examine the Locks on Your Windows

During your spring cleaning ritual, you should remember to clean your windows and ensure they are secure at the same time.

Open and close test

While you're cleaning them, it's a good idea to open and close each one and verify that the locks are still in working order. If any of the locks are loose, either tighten or replace them.

Clean Out Areas That Are Potential Fire Hazards

Light fixtures and ceiling fans get really dirty and dusty. It's important to clean these areas because not only can the dirty cause problems in operation, it can also cause a fire if there's a short circuit in your wiring.

Wood-burning fireplace

Your wood-burning fireplace can also be a trouble area. It's important to call in an expert to look at your flue. The expert clears it out and removes any built-up creosote. Get rid of any ash, clean the area, including the grate, and close the flue.

Laundry room

Clean around your washer and dryer, most assuredly adjacent to your dryer vent. Empty your lint screen after each use of your dryer. While you're at it, clean around your refrigerator. Pull the refrigerator away from the wall to clean behind it, and clean the floor under it. Dust coils on the back of the refrigerator as well. There is the potential for a fire anytime there is dust combined with major electrical equipment.

Check Your Smoke Detectors

Check the batteries in all of your smoke detectors at least twice per year. If your smoke detector is hardwired into your electrical system, replace the backup battery at least twice per year. Local firefighters generally use the time change in March and November to remind people to check batteries and replace them.

Count smoke detectors

Count your smoke detectors to see if you have enough in your home. You should have one on each floor as well as near the bedrooms. If you don't, now is the time to go buy more and make your house safer for you and your family.

Examine Your Carbon Monoxide Detector

Check the batteries in your carbon monoxide detectors. This gas is extremely poisonous, so it's important these function properly. Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, so you may not even know it’s present in your home unless you have a detector.

Count carbon monoxide detectors

As with smoke detectors, you should have a carbon monoxide detector on each floor of the house. Carbon monoxide detectors also have an expiration date, so replace any that have expired.

Trim Your Shrubs

It's a great time of year to work on your yard as well. Trim your trees and shrubs especially those around the house.

Eliminate hiding places

These overgrown areas make great hiding places for burglars, insects, and rodents. If you're planting new trees or plants near your house, research how large they are going to grow. Be prepared for these plants to become problem areas in the future.

Lock Your Sheds and Outbuildings

Most likely, your shed went untouched during the winter. Look at the locks to see if they are still working to safeguard your lawn mower and other equipment.

Replace locks

If there are any issues, replace the locks. Sheds may also harbor potential burglars who lie in wait until after dark.

Consult with a local Seattle locksmith about establishing security in your yard and home, including the installation of a security system this spring. Keep safety and security at the forefront of your mind as you clean your house. Look for additional problem areas and work to fix them with the help of a professional.

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