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When Should I Change Out Security Systems?

Our team at Sevan Locks and Doors believes that security systems are wonderful additions to any home or business, as they pay for themselves in peace of mind for the property owner. They can be installed and used without a great deal of bother, once they’re connected and operational. However, like anything, items wear out and there are times for a check-up. Maybe a bit of maintenance or even a replacement from time to time then they are ready for optimum use again. Let’s explore when those changes should occur.

When A System Becomes Outdated

A good rule of thumb is every 5 - 10 years it’s time for an update. A new system is a fresh start with every part in optimum working order. Because various parts simply wear out over time, if it’s been 5 - 10 years since the existing system has been installed, it may be time for a new one. It could be more beneficial to completely update rather than repair broken, worn out components.  

Older systems were dependent on phone lines. Cellular radio or IP and wireless connections are normal for newer systems. These newer systems are not so vulnerable to weather changes. It’s a definite improvement when your security system is not so easily disabled by a storm which could cause power surges or outages.

When Your Needs Change or Evolve

Cell phones, tablets, all sorts of technologies are continually evolving. To be compatible, security systems need to keep up with this changing world. Newer security systems can be synced with smartphones, tablets, or other devices. Technology works better when it all works in sync. 

Personal needs also change. Systems that do not operate with standard locks and keys are more convenient and less expensive. If your old system uses standard locks and keys, a new updated system saves the expense of changing locks and the inconvenience of organizing keys. 

When You Need to Access Your Security System at Any Time From Anywhere

With our Access Control System there’s no need to wonder if you locked the doors. Or maybe you need to unlock a door from thousands of miles away. If you now spend a portion of your life away from the vicinity of your property, you can still monitor it. The Access Control System was designed for people to have the ultimate convenience from any location.

The system also allows for live viewing at any time, from anywhere. If there is suspicious activity on your property, you can view and report it. Synced with CCTV, your security system is easily accessible to you.

When The Environment of Your Home or Business Changes

Sometimes there are legitimate reasons to feel the need for upgraded security. Increased population can lead to increased crime rates. Sevan Locks And Doors provides stickers for windows and signs for yards. Still, more is usually needed for greater protection. 

Cameras can provide a view of the outside and anyone approaching. Any activity can be viewed in real time as well as a later time via recorded tape. The cameras can also be strategically placed to be visible for the purpose of deterring crime. It is advantageous for your property to appear too much trouble to break into or vandalize.  

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