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What Is An Automotive Locksmith?

A locksmith is much more than someone who can unlock a locked door for you. They can provide you with home lock, automobile lock, safe, and more related services that you need. Professional locksmiths can even make keys for you, copy keys, and help you out when a key has broken off into the ignition. Sevan Locks and Doors is a highly recommended locksmith company that you can trust with your locksmith needs. 

What Does An Automotive Locksmith Do?

You may not know that some locksmiths specifically specialize in working with automobiles. The art of working on vehicles comes with a different set of skills than working with household locks. When you have a problem with a lock or key to your car, you need to make sure the locksmith that you call can work on it. 

They need knowledge about ignition systems, key fobs, car doors and their mechanisms, and more. There are some non-technical approaches that you can take for some of these scenarios. Not all problems can be solved that way, though. 

What Services Can An Auto Locksmith Provide

An auto locksmith can offer you a broader array of services. Most will know the basics of unlocking the average doors, but have been taught additional skills for the more technology-based locks that are becoming so popular. For example, here are some of the additional services that an automotive locksmith can provide to you:

  • Motorcycle Key Replacement and Broken Key Extraction
  • Car Key Replacement and Car Key Programming
  • Ignition Repairs and Proximity Fobs
  • Laser Cut Keys and Lost Car Keys

How Do You Unlock A Car Without A Key?

If you have found yourself locked out of your car and call a locksmith to come and help you, there are a few steps that they may take. For example:

  • “Jimmy It”- This is a slang term for using a tool called a slim jim to feed between the window and weatherstrip. Once you pass this area, the idea is to reach down to the unlock button or pull. This is a successful way to open a locked car for most scenarios. 
  • VATS Passcode Detector- With newer vehicles, the typical ways that are known to break into locked cars are not successful. That is due to their technology and need a keyfob to unlock them. This is where it comes in handy to have a locksmith that specializes in automobiles. These professionals will know how to manipulate and bypass the sensor using the VATS passcode detector. 
  • Plus many additional tricks that they may use in different scenarios.

Use An Auto Locksmith To Program Keys

Technology has vastly taken over many different areas of the world. As you know, instead of having actual keys now to access and start cars, key fobs are more commonly used nowadays. That means that it has changed the way that locksmiths operate. 

If you are in need of a new key fob or a duplicate one, you can use an automotive locksmith for help. This is an excellent alternative to the high cost of getting one through a dealership. It is well worth it to have a duplicate of your key fob; you never know when you may misplace or lose it. That way, you have a backup.

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