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Can A Deadbolt Lock Be Repaired?

Do you have a deadbolt that is not working correctly? There are some instances where a deadbolt can be repaired, and some cannot. Sevan Locks and Doors, in Seattle, WA, can provide you with locksmith services for deadbolts. 

Can I Repair A Deadbolt On My Own?

If you feel that you know how to replace a deadbolt without professional assistance, you should do it. Most people are not experienced in this type of service. They fear causing more harm than a resolution to the problem. 

When you hire a professional locksmith company to perform the repair services for you, they know how to do it properly. There is always a chance that it cannot be repaired or even damaged even further in the process. But, if you are not adequately trained in the correct steps to take, the chances are higher. 

Is It Worth Fixing A Deadbolt?

The cost of repairing a deadbolt is pretty minimal. The service fee of a professional will most likely be more expensive than the deadbolt itself.  Most people prefer to make the repairs themselves. 

Although, the safety of your home is at stake when doing this. If you are not comfortable or confident in your ability to do it correctly, hire a professional. Safety is more important than saving a couple of dollars. 

How Do You Fix A Deadbolt?

There are many reasons that you may choose to hire a professional to repair your deadbolt. One of the most important reasons is the safety of your home. Improper repairs or installation of this bolt can lead to your home not being safely protected. A professional will know how to do this properly and ensure the safety of your home in the service that they provide. 

The way that you fix your deadbolt will depend on the problem that you are having with it. There are many techniques and methods that people will use to make the needed repairs. One common problem is a deadbolt that will not latch properly. This usually means that the lock and hole are not lining up properly. Take these steps to find or fix the problem:

  • Ensure All Door Hinges Are Secure
  • Replace Any Loose Screws
  • Mark The Deadbolt To See Where It Is Hung Up
  • Make Necessary Adjustments

What Causes A Deadbolt To Stick?

Many scenarios can cause a deadbolt to stick. This doesn’t always mean that it needs to be replaced, although it may aggravate you enough to want to. Some of the most common reasons that you are having a sticking problem are:

  • Debris
  • Dirt
  • Wear 
  • Weather 

The fix to a problem like this can be simple. First, you should begin by removing the screws from the deadbolt and taking everything off the door. Give it a good clean and put everything back.

Things Shift

A common question that many people have is, “Why was my deadbolt working, and now it’s not”? The most generic answer that there is, is that homes shift. Wear and tear takes a toll on doors after a while. 

That is why it is advised to tighten any screws that are found on the door or hinges. They loosen for one reason or another, or things settle. Anytime there is any shift in the position of the door, it will cause the deadbolt and hold to misalign. 

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