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Discover the Top Amazon Key Benefits for Seattle Homeowners

For years, online shoppers depended on Amazon Prime to get affordable and quick deliveries.  Now Amazon Prime members enjoy the added advantages of Amazon Key installation by a professional locksmith. Discover some of the top Amazon Key benefits for Seattle homeowners. What is this white glove delivery service and why has it become so popular?

What Is Amazon Key?

With Amazon Key, homeowners remotely grant delivery people temporary access to deliver packages. And property owners can grant access to others, including guests and service providers. All homeowners need to get started is an Amazon Prime membership and the Amazon Key-In-Home-Kit. The kit contains an indoor cloud cam security camera and a compatible Kwikset or Yale lock. And a local locksmith installs Amazon Key for free and explains how to use it with your current security system.

Get Deliveries When You Are Away

Multi-tasking has become a way of life in our fast-paced world. People shop online to get what they need without leaving their homes or offices to visit a brick-and-mortar store. With Amazon Key, shoppers don't need to be home to get packages. Just access the system to let the delivery person inside when they arrive at your door with a delivery. Now you can safely get packages when you are at work, school, or on vacation. But keep in mind the deliveries are ones that can be made by one person. You may still need to be home if you have heavy items delivered, such as multiple pieces of furniture.

Protect Your Items

For years, services left packages on the front doorstep or outside the door of the delivery address. Unfortunately, thieves discovered how easy it is to steal these packages. The risk of theft made it impossible to order costly items for delivery unless you were at home. When a Seattle locksmith installs Amazon Key, you remotely manage package deliveries and temporarily let the delivery person enter your home. Items are secure in your house until you return home and you never need to worry about theft.

Allow Service People to Enter Your Home

Trying to rush home to allow someone to clean the house or walk the dog defeats the purpose of hiring helpers. The goal is to save time, not waste it. Amazon Key works with certain service providers so they can enter your home when you are gone. Babysitters, dog walkers, housekeepers, and other hired help can take care of their business while you take care of yours.

Guests Arrive Off-Schedule

With weather and other factors, transportation can be unpredictable. Guests might wind up arriving hours earlier or later than expected. Now you can stay on your schedule even if guests are off theirs. Leaving a house key under the mat or in a planter compromises the security of your home. With Amazon Key, you grant temporary or permanent access to people you want to enter when you are away.

Staying After School

Parents encourage their children to stay after school for clubs and sports. But often parents are not able to leave work to let them in the house. Younger kids may lose house keys or misplace them. With Amazon Key, children can get into the house whenever they are done with their day. And parents can use the security camera to ensure their children are entering the home safely and on-time.

Life is busy and we need to find ways to make it easier. Talk to a Seattle locksmith to learn more about the benefits of having an Amazon Key system installed in your home. It's another way to put what you need right at your fingertips.

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