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Top Reasons to Replace Garage Door Springs in Seattle

Garage doors are a convenience that are easy to take for granted. The ability to safely and securely park your vehicles inside and protect them from the elements, while also being able to easily move bicycles, lawnmowers and other large items in and out is crucial. When a garage door is coupled with an automatic opener that makes the door even more handy. If your garage door fails to open, it can greatly impact your daily activities. The common culprit behind garage door issues are the springs. Consider some of the top reasons to replace garage door springs in Seattle.

Understanding How a Garage Door Works

Garage doors feature springs that run along the sides or across the top of the doors. These springs are part of a counterbalance system and this is what allows the door to easily open and close. Without the springs the door may be too heavy for you to open. The importance of the springs on a garage door cannot be overstated. The springs are a key component that allow the door to function safely and effectively.

Types of Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are classified into two categories: extension and torsion. Both types of springs function in a similar manner. As the door is closed the springs are compressed and store energy which in turn is used to lift the door as the tension is released.

Extension Spring System

An extension spring garage door features cables that connect an extension spring to the base of the door. A spring and cable run along each side of the door. When the garage door is closed the springs are extended. When the door is opened and the springs contract the stored energy helps lift the door.

Safety Features of Extension Springs

Extension springs carry a lot of tension or energy, and as a safety feature a cable runs through the spring. If the spring breaks and the energy is released in a sudden burst the cable will rein in the spring and possibly prevent injury and damage.

Torsion Spring System

Torsion springs are normally mounted over the door opening. Like the extension spring setup cables are attached to the bottom of the door. When the door is closed the springs wind up and store energy. As the door is opened and the springs unwind that stored energy helps lift the door.

Regular Use

Just like everything else with regular use garage door parts wear out. One of the first things to go one a garage door are the springs. The springs are used each and every time the door is opened and closed, so this component receives a lot of wear and tear.

Light or Heavy Use

How often a garage door is used will determine how quickly the springs wear out. For example, a household in which the garage door is opened and closed a couple times a day can expect the springs to last for a decade or longer. By contrast, a household that is opening and closing the garage door on a much more regular basis may find their springs are wearing out in a few years.

Damage From the Elements

Rust is another deterrent when it comes to the lifespan of garage door springs. Rust forms when metal becomes wet. Given their placement inside of a garage the door springs are typically protected from the elements. However, due to the proximity to the door the springs are likely to be exposed to rain or mist and splashed from time to time. As rust develops it breaks down and weakens the metal. As the springs become rusty it may be more difficult to lift the door open manually, or the powered opener may struggle to operate the door. If the rust problem persists the springs could snap and separate.

Basic Maintenance

Regularly inspecting your garage door springs can ensure they are in proper working condition. Taking the time to look things over will clue you in to the first sign of wear or damage. Spraying the springs with a lubricating oil, such a WD-40, can ward off rust and keep the springs in good working condition longer.

When to Call in the Pros

Despite your best efforts given enough time and use garage door springs will wear and replacement will be necessary. Replacing garage door springs is a task best left to professionals. The springs carry a lot of tension which are dangerous if not handled correctly. Proper installation is necessary for the door to function properly and safely.

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