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Learn About Garage Door Insulation R-Value & Why It Matters

Any opening in a structure has the potential for heat loss in the winter and cold air loss in the summer. When it comes to a garage, the overhead door is the main culprit regarding temperature fluctuations. The large surface area of an overhead door means there is significant potential for heat loss. This, in turn, can impact the overall temperature and comfort of the garage.

Leaving the overhead door closed will undoubtedly prevent heat loss, but an insulated overhead garage door is the best solution to regulating the temperature in your garage.

The Type of Garage Matters

Every situation is different, and garages have pretty varied uses. Whether you have an attached garage or a stand-alone structure, as well as how you ultimately use your garage all matter when it comes to heat loss.

Attached Garage

If your garage attaches to your home, or if you have a living space above, it is essential to keep the garage insulated. Cold air that enters the garage through the overhead doors can seep into your home and living areas when the garage is attached. This impacts the air temperature and comfort of the rooms immediately connected to the garage. An insulated overhead garage door will minimize the heat loss and maintain the warmth of the garage as well as the rooms attached to it.


When a garage contains a workshop, it is just as vital to keep the space at a comfortable temperature as it is to keep your home and other workspaces. Whether used as a home office or as more of a workshop, a garage space should still be maintained at a comfortable temperature. An overhead garage door ensures the entire area is more hospitable as well as more conducive to work.

Storage Area

Insulated doors help regulate the climate in the garage. When you use your garage for storage, that matters even more. Extreme temperature fluctuations may damage some items, but an insulated door will minimize these swings. Whether used for storage of electronics or fragile items the temperature of the room is critical. Insulated doors help regulate the climate and reduce the impact of temperature fluctuations.

Multipurpose Room

Often, a garage ends up being a room for storage or whatever purpose you need at the time. For many homeowners, that means a space to store an extra refrigerator or freezer. Appliances will operate more efficiently when a garage has a more stable temperature. If you have a fridge or freezer in your garage, these machines will use less energy and be more effective if the overhead door is insulated.

Noise Dampening

The same properties that block cold or warm air also allow an insulated garage door to prevent noise. When an insulated model is closed, the street noise will be eliminated. This can be particularly useful in a garage that is used as a workshop or an office. The opposite is also true, meaning that sound created inside the garage will be contained better.

For example, if the space is used for band practice, this is a feature your neighbors will appreciate.

Understanding R-Value

R-value is a unit of measure used in the construction and building industry to determine thermal resistance. If the door features some form of insulation on the panels, that aids in regulating the temperature. This material will make the door more energy efficient.

The R-value determines how heat-resistant a structure is, or rather how much heat loss is to be expected. R-value is calculated based on the amount of insulation, as well as its thickness and chemical properties. Ultimately, the higher the R-value, the better the quality of the insulation.

Quality R-Value

A garage door that is not insulated will allow significant heat loss. A large surface area means less warmth stays inside. As such, a non-insulated door can account for a considerable change in temperature. A well-made garage door with a high R-value will keep cold air out in the winter and warm air out in the summer.

Quality Construction

Find the right garage door for your space and make sure to consider the R-value. A higher R-value will deliver superior insulation, but think about the level of insulation necessary for your garage. A garage that connects to a living space or is used as a living space requires overhead garage doors with a high R-value. The more time you plan to spend in a garage the more thorough the insulation needed.

Find the Right Insulated Garage Door

The ideal garage door varies from one to another. Whether you have an attached garage or a standalone structure, and how that building is used impact the necessity of installing insulated doors. Even where you live can affect the value of building an insulated garage door.

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