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Finding the Perfect Access Control Systems for Seattle Companies

Does your business deal with classified information? Do you work with expensive equipment? Would you like more control over who enters your building and who has access to specific parts of your building? If you answered, “yes,” to any of these questions, it is likely time to consider updating your access control system. Learn more about finding the perfect access control systems for Seattle companies.

Problems with Too Little Access Control

If your access control system is too lax, you may encounter several issues. Ultimately, these problems may cost your company significant money. At times, they may also lead to loss of trust in your company, and it may become harder to find quality employees.


One of the biggest problems is theft. This may include confidential information being stolen. It may include expensive equipment, such as computers, being stolen. Even the theft of several smaller items can start to cost your company significant money over time.


Unfortunately, an inadequate security system may allow people to easily get into your building and destroy property. While you cannot always do something about vandalism on the outside of your building, updated access control will prevent many potential vandals from entering your building. For some people, destruction of their property feels even worse than having the items stolen.

Unsure Who’s There

If employees and others entering your building can just walk in, you will not know who was in the building at a specific time. Luckily, more advanced access control systems let you see who was in the building at a specific time.

Insurance Issues

Insurance liability issues may arise if your access control system is not adequate, especially if you do have problems with theft or vandalism. A quality access control system shows that you have put forth the effort to protect your company, including any confidential information or other valuable resources.

Problems With Too Much

On the surface, it may seem that there is no such thing as too much access control. For some companies, that is true. For others, though, problems may arise if things become too complex.


While several levels of security might be essential for a company that deals with confidential information, several levels of security might be taking things overboard in an environment not requiring as much confidentiality. When things are taken to the extreme, it might become inconvenient, especially if employees are required to carry around several keys or cards or if they need to remember several passwords or pins. Of course, convenience should never become more important than the safety and security of your company.


A quality access control system is going to cost more than a simple keyed lock. For smaller businesses, the added cost may not be worth it. Instead, quality deadbolts on all their doors might be enough security for some smaller companies. It is important, though, to consider the potential cost to your company if you do not have a quality access control system.

Types of Access Control

There are several types of access control. Not all access control types will work for every company, and some companies work best when several different access control techniques are used.

Traditional Keys

The most basic type of access control is the traditional key. The key is stuck in the lock, turned and the person gains access to the building or a part of the building. Unfortunately, traditional keys are also the least secure type of access control. They can be lost and then used by someone else. They can often be duplicated. Locks may need to be changed if someone leaves the company or if someone loses a key.

Access Cards

Access cards can be scanned, giving the person access to a specific building or part of the building. These can be personalized, only allowing the person access to specific locations. They can also be used to know who is in the building as well as where specific people are in the building. Unfortunately, access cards can also be lost and then used by someone other than the intended user. Fortunately, access cards can be disabled if they are lost or stolen.


Some companies also choose to use codes or passwords as access control. These are often used when employees are only granted access to specific parts of the building. The only downside of codes or passwords is remembering them. This could become a bigger issue if employees need to remember unique codes or passwords for different parts of the building.

Intelligent Readers

The most secure type of access control is intelligent readers. This includes things such as fingerprint technology or devices that scan your eyes to give you access. While these are the most secure type of access control, they are also the most expensive.

Even if your current system has worked well for you so far, it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest access control features. With continually changing technology, things that worked two or three years ago may be outdated and not work as well within a few years. Sevan Locks and Doors can help you figure out what needs to be done to make your business more secure.

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