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Never Lose Your Keys Again With Keyless Entry Door Locks

Technology has improved many different areas of our lives. The security of our homes is no exception. We are now able to control things when we're away from the house, and this technology applies to the locks we use on our doors. Keyless door locks are becoming more common due to their convenience and additional features over traditional keyed locking systems. Keyless door locks add a layer of security to your home and allow for additional benefits. Discover the many benefits of keyless entry door locks.

Keyless Door Locks Versus Traditional Locks


Compare what you get with these new types of locks versus traditional locks. And consider the conveniences you will gain when you opt for keyless door locks.

You won't need to worry about losing your keys

Everyone is busy, and sometimes things happen out of your control. Sometimes people lose keys to their homes and cars. Instead of being locked out of your home, there is another option. You can have a professional locksmith install a keyless door lock on your house. If you have a keyless door lock, you never need to worry about losing your keys again. Gain access to your home through a mobile app on either your smart phone or through a key-fab.

Keyless door locks are convenient

In addition to avoiding worry over your keys, keyless door locks are more convenient than traditional models. You’re probably already connected to your phone, so take it one step further. By having your door locks connected to your phone, you eliminate a layer of potential problems. Your phone is always ready and easy to access, so using it to open your locks is easier than fumbling around for keys in your pocket. Many people use locks on their phones, so this also provides a layer of security to your home. In addition to your smartphone, you also put a combination lock on the door.

They are great for other family members

If you have older parents, a child or someone else who has a hard time keeping track of their keys, keyless entry door locks are a great option. These advanced locks will help them get into the house easily without having to worry about keeping track of additional keys.

This system is more secure

Keyless entry door locks are more secure than using physical keys. You can get in more quickly rather than having to fumble with keys at your door. This minimizes the potential of someone coming up to you while you struggle with your keys. You also won't need to worry about giving anyone a copy of your key. If you go on vacation and need someone to have access to your house, you can set this up ahead of time instead of having to lend someone your physical keys. The person who needs access to your home can call you, and then you can unlock the door from your smartphone with an app.

Forget hidden keys

You also won't need to worry about keeping track of hidden keys. Many people hide keys in common places, and burglars know where to look for them. By not having a key outside your home, your home will be more secure and safer against burglars.

You can lock your door automatically if you forget to do so as you leave

Certain keyless door locks have automatic features. If you forget to lock the door on your way out, this feature allows it to lock even if you're no longer at home. Again, wireless and smartphone connectivity comes into play here.


Physical Features

Examine a few things to consider about keyless door locks. Here’s how keyless door locks work with your home.

How the lock operates

You can choose keyless door locks that are either electrical or mechanical. Mechanical locks require no wiring because you physically push a button. The problem with these is that it can only respond to a single code at a time. If you choose an electrical lock, they require wiring and batteries. These offer lighted keypads, video cameras, and remote programming. You can also have it unlock with multiple codes.

What kind of handle you want

You can choose either a knob or a lever handle. A knob handle is flat and round on the inside. A lever handle has a long lever within and without. The lever handles always come with latch bolts instead of deadbolts, so you need to consider this design element as you choose locks for your needs.

If you want single-sided or double-sided locks

Double-sided locks have keypads on both sides of the door, while the single-side is just on one side. With double-sided locks, you need to enter the combination both when entering and leaving the house. Single-sided locks only need the combination to enter. In this respect, single-sided locks are more convenient.

If you want a deadbolt or a latch bolt

A latch bolt locks automatically when the door is closed, while the deadlock needs to be locked manually. Installers can adapt certain deadbolts so you can have this design automatically lock as well.

There are many options to consider when it comes to choosing locks for your home. Choose keyless door locks for added convenience as well as added security. These are great alternatives to traditional locks that keep you, your family and your possessions safe. Consult with a Seattle locksmith to determine the best option for your needs.

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