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Car Locksmith Tips: Avoiding The Car Lockout

Car lockouts are common occurrences - just ask your local car locksmith. The reasons people end up locked out of their vehicles vary, from being distracted, to breaking the key off in the lock or losing them somewhere. The first thing you should do if you find yourself in this situation is to breathe deeply, calm down and then assess the situation. Frustration and panic definitely won't help you deal with the problem at hand. How about avoiding getting locked out all together? The following tips will help.


Always Have a Spare Key Handy

Any car locksmith will tell you that a spare key is your best friend when you find yourself locked out of your car or because the original car key is compromised or missing. Having a spare key handy and more importantly, accessible, means that you simply grab it and go. Unfortunately, a surprising number of car owners leave their spare keys inside the car. That said, having a spare key in the car means that there's still a chance you'll be able to get them out without too much effort. Here's how . . .


A Lot of Drivers Aren't Aware of This Fact

Most vehicles lock all of the doors all at once when the key fobs lock button is pressed, however, for many older models just the driver's door is originally locked. A lot of drivers aren't aware of this fact and although in the majority of situations this factor can leave the car vulnerable to theft it can also be your saving grace. So, before you start stressing out, check all of the doors to see if they're locked. If you're lucky, you'll find one open and will have access to your spare key. If not, the next thing to do would be to see if the trunk of the car is a possible access point. Your chances of the trunk being a viable access point are better if you have a newer car that has back seats that are foldable, providing accessibility to the car's interior. You're in luck if this easy solution works out for you. You can always can call your local car locksmith to have him unlock the car for you.


Have Multiple Copies of Your Keys Handy

Yet another good way to ensure that you never need to be concerned about a car lockout (at least not for long) is to make multiple copies and have them within convenient reach. For example, have a copy of your car keys in your home and/or office at all times. This one often recommended car locksmith tip makes it virtually impossible for people to face a car lockout whether they're at home or work. Even if you lose your keys on the go, at least you know that you have a spare key close by.


Give The Key To Someone You Trust

Another good idea is to give someone that you trust, like a family member or close friend, an additional spare key. A lot of people use magnetized spare key devices that they attach under their cars, however, this leaves the vehicle vulnerable to savvy car thief's.



It just makes sense to have a backup plan in place when it comes to avoiding car lockouts and even better to have a backup plan for your backup plan, including having the contact information of a trusted local car locksmith handy at all times.


*Update - Car Lockout Tips

This article has helped a lot of people distressed in Seattle and so we decided to add even more options if you do become locked out of your car. It's not illegal to break into your own car. Then again bystanders might give you looks or even call the authorities thinking differently of the act. But if you have a few simple tools, you can definitely save yourself the hassle of breaking glass, calling family members, or calling a Seattle Locksmith near you.


3 Ways to Break Into A Car

wikihow did an awesome write up about 3 ways to break into a car that couldn't be explained better. Even though they do talk down about professional locksmiths, they did a great job and illustration for all types of cars and how to get access into your locked out vehicle. Using simple tools like a wedge, a pole, or a slim jim. Here is even a video on the wedge and pole method if you need something more visual.


Don't be Stupid

Not everything on the web is true or the best way. We found an inaccurate article about car lockouts that might just be a satire or an inexperienced writer. One method was to use a tennis ball to force air into a lock; which was proven wrong by the famous Mythbusters. Another was the "Trade-off"; which you took your spark plug and threw it through the window (the gif from one of those famous tv shows). I would highly suggest "don't be stupid". As for this would be a last resort if you were stranded in the middle of nowhere.



You finally got inside your car? then great! we are glad that one of the method helped you out like many others we try to help. We always love feedback about people that dealt with a car lockout and you tell us on google or facebook.


Failure or Too Much Risk?

If the "trade-off" isn't worth the risk, we are always happy and eager to help you out of a jam. If you are still locked out of your car and would like us to come out to help you - you can call us today at (206) 274 - 7061. We are here to help. Drive Safely

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