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Choosing The Perfect Keyless Entry in Seattle

Keyless entries have many benefits that some don’t even think about. I would have to say that the best reason to choose a keyless entry system is the sheer satisfaction of never losing your keys ever again. That in itself is worth the research and reading what Sevan Locks and Doors has to say about choosing the perfect keyless entry in Seattle.

Know Your Grading System

The American National Standards Institute created a grading system for all locks, keyless or not. This system will help you narrow down your search and have a better understanding of what you are looking for.

Locks will either be grade 1, 2, or 3, with each one having its own criteria. A grade 3 lock may be completely acceptable for one location or a shed even, but you may want a grade 2 or higher for your front door. Understanding this grading system will allow you to choose the best lock for your home or business.

Top-Rated Keyless Entry Locks

Schlage is known for their top quality lock systems and they have a variety to choose from that may fit your needs:

  • Z-Wave Touchscreen Keyless Lock
  • Touch Camelot Keyless Lock
  • Keypad Keyless Door Lock

These keyless locks are all grade 1 to grade 2 and allow multiple users and have a variety of other safety features.

Safety Features To Look For

There are a number of safety features outside of the grading system to be aware of. Things like touchpads with backlights allow you to be able to see what you are doing so you can gain quicker entry into your home.

Built-in alarms will alert the authorities or security service faster than say a traditional lock and key with an alarm system. Choosing a lock is a personal decision that with a little research will have your home safe and sound in no time.

More Keyless Locks To Choose From

Shlage is not your only source for quality keyless entries. The Kwickset 909 Smart Code Keyless Door Lock, August Smart Lock 2nd Generation Keyless Door Lock, and Kaba E-Plex all come top rated with great reviews.

A great feature on many of these locks listed above is the ability to operate them from your smartphone. This allows you to open the door when you are not home if your children or a trusted neighbor needs to get in. These are features that may be important to you when looking for a keyless entry so make sure to research everyone before settling on something.

Other Factors To Consider

Keyless entries have so many benefits from convenience, to practicality, and even cosmetic. Personally, keyless entries have a very finished and sleek appearance that has a very modern appeal. Make sure you choose a product that fits your lifestyle.

If you do not need a lock with up to 100 users then think twice because it could be a risk with too many people having access to your home. Some require batteries and others are wired into your home, again personal preference but if you are one who forgets things you may want to skip the battery operated system. We hope this will help you in your search to find the perfect keyless lock for your home, thank you for reading our blog.

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