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Why You Should Have Your Home Rekeyed

Rekeying an entire home is no small task. You have to replace the locks on every single door that has keyed access. It might seem daunting to us, but a professional locksmith can get your home rekeyed in one afternoon with specialized tools and the expertise it takes to get the job done right.

Here are several reasons why should have your home rekeyed, as opposed to just having locks replaced.

Added Safety and Security

The added safety and security of rekeying your home should be the number one consideration when you decide to alter the locks in your home. Rather than getting new keys made for your old locks, rekeying the locks puts you in control of who has access to the property. There are many situations where rekeying the locks is a good idea for your home security.

Lost or Stolen Keys

Unfortunately, when something is lost or stolen, you have no idea where it could be. Unfortunately, that also means you don’t have any idea who could have it. Now, if you truly lost the key while out and about, that’s one thing… the chance of someone finding the key and figuring out who it belongs to and where you live is slim. But, if the key was lost in your driveway or yard - or perhaps taken off your keychain when you weren’t around - a seemingly common accident or oversight can turn into a big, scary mess.

If you just a duplicate key in these events, the lost key is out there. So instead of making a duplicate, perhaps you should rekey your home - this alleviates any risk of someone out there having the ability to access your home without your permission


Changing Possession

If you own a rental property or you buy a house, rekeying the locks also ensures you control access to the property. Take care of this issues as soon as you can to prevent any unauthorized entry to the house. You don’t know if a previous owner or tenant had duplicate keys made, or how many duplicate keys might be floating around out there. What if a previous owner’s family or close friends had emergency keys, and they didn’t know about a change in possession of the property?

Any time someone moves in or moves out of a rental property, you should rekey the deadbolts and doorknobs that have locks. If you buy a house, you should rekey every outdoor lock to prevent any of the previous owners from having access following the closing date.

Rekeying is safer than duplicate keys for security purposes. However, there are other reasons to have your home rekeyed, aside from security.


Less Cost

Rekeying costs less than replacing entire locks, because there is less hardware and labor. Instead of unscrewing the deadbolt and a doorknob, the locksmith simply takes out the cylinder where the key goes, and replaces it with a new one. It’s like getting whole new locks without having to get into your door all the way.

You don’t have to purchase an entirely new deadbolt set, brand-new doorknobs, or an entirely different set of locks for every exterior door in your home. Instead, all you pay for is each cylinder, plus labor for a locksmith. A locksmith can get your entire home rekeyed in far less time than it takes to replace an entire lock or doorknob.

Time is money, so it would be wise to consider the convenience of hiring a locksmith to get the job done right. A professional locksmith guarantees the work, doesn’t waste time, and provides a professional consultation at your home. It’s faster than reading reviews of the best locks to buy, going to a hardware store and trying to learn how to have your home rekeyed by watching an instructional video; a particularly risky DIY. The time you save from hiring a professional saves you money in the long run… Especially if you have a busy schedule.


Less Wear and Tear

Replacing an entire deadbolt or doorknob may make your doorjamb less secure. You have to remove the entire lock and possibly widen the hole into which the lock goes. You may have to adjust the strike plate. Both of these procedures may lessen the amount of wood in the door jamb, which could wear down the door jamb and make your door less secure in the long run.

Even worse, if you purchase the wrong type of lock, it may not even fit where your deadbolt or doorknob goes. That causes even more headaches, and your house is even less secure than before (while you wait for the correct locking hardware). A professional locksmith mitigates all of theses issues, thanks to professional experience and knowledge. So, make sure you hire a company that has high-quality references and the respect of your community.

Let the lock pros at Sevan Locks and Doors assess your needs for security and safety in your home. Contact us to talk about having your home rekeyed, to upgrade your locking hardware, or for installation of a keyless entry system. Your safety is our top concern. We’ll be glad to meet with you or provide you with a quote for our services.


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