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The Benefits and Disadvantages of Portable Safes in Seattle

Everything now is portable—from computers to phones and even safes. The age-old safe is usually inside the master bedroom or office. It is heavy and it either requires a key or a digital password. You cannot move it around and this become a problem if you want to remodel your room. Most safes are screwed to the wall. And the only way you can move them is by detaching the screws.

Today, a new trend is on the rise. Many companies now produce and sell portable safes. These are safes that you can tow around. They come in different sizes and designs. But before you buy one, read on and learn about its advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of a Portable Safe

There are many benefits to owning a portable safe. Keeping your belonging secure in an movable environment is definitely a benefit for many people, especially those who live in multiple locations or travel for business. Consider a few of the many advantages of investing in a portable safe.

You Can Take it Anywhere

Portable safes are built to fit in a bag or luggage. If you do not feel comfortable leaving your valuables at home, you can take them with you if you are going away for a long time. There is no need to worry about crooks stealing your most beloved possessions since they safely in your possession.

It Comes in Many Designs

Some portable safes are attached to a backpack. Some look like big safes, albeit miniaturized. Many portable safes are also designed to look like ordinary containers. They look inconspicuous and they do not scream for attention. They also come in several shapes and sizes that will fit your needs. Some are in oval form while some are in the typical rectangular shape.

It is Durable

These safes are made with the same standards as large safes. You can drop them on the floor and they will not crack open. Although not all of them are made of metal, they are made of material that theies cannot easily rip apart. Many of these safes are also water resistant. Though they may not be water proof, they are tight enough not to let water in if only left for a few seconds under water.

It is Affordable

Portable safes can be about half the cost of permanent ones, and sometimes cost even less. In fact, many portable safes also have a battery that serves as a charging port for your devices. This means getting the benefits of two devices for the price of one.

Disadvantages of a Portable Safe

Just like any other convenience, there are some disadvantages people consider when they purchase portable safes. Most people find the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. But the majority of people also have a permanent safe where they can leave items such as personal paperwork, cash, and family heirlooms that should never be transported during their travels. Consider some of the disadvantages of depending solely on a portable safe.

It Can Be Stolen

Unlike a safe screwed to the wall, a portable safe can be carried by anybody who happens to chance upon it. If you left it behind, someone can find it and keep it. Like any other safe, someone can find a way to crack it.

It is Heavy

A portable safe is typically made of metal or carbon fiber to make it durable. If you are going to tow it with you, expect it to be heavy. This can cause inconvenience when you are traveling. The best alternative is to leave it inside a big safe in your hotel room or leave it at the care of the hotel manager.

It Has Limitations

Portable safes are not made to fit your laptops. Most of these are just a little bit bigger than a woman’s purse. This means that it can only fit your watches, jewelry, and maybe your phones but not big valuable items such as your tablets or laptops.

Savvy people typically have a built-in safe at home and in the office and travel with a portable safe. Discuss your options with a professional Seattle locksmith to find the best solutions for your security needs.

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