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The Benefits of Having a Lock on Your Mailbox

Alert, watchful, and cautious, you take precautions to protect your identity. After all, you have heard the horrific stories and maybe even know a victim of identity theft. And, you are determined to avoid falling prey yourself.

The risk is real. In 2014, approximately seven percent, or 15 million Americans, experienced victimization by the identity thief. And 86 percent of these cases resulted from fraudulent use of account information. The financial loss of these criminal actions adds up and leaves victims feeling exposed.

Knowing this well, you are known to take precautions to:

  • Secure your social security card safely at home and proceed with caution when giving your social security number.
  • Diligently check account statements for suspicious activity or hire a service.
  • Keep the shredder fully functional to properly dispose of documents containing personal information.
  • Create complex passwords and update them regularly.
  • Guard against phishing and vishing scams.
  • Update firewalls and virus-detection software on computers and mobile devices.
  • Review your credit report once yearly.

Your careful guard of personal information brings a sense of security. As well it should. Let's suggest a gap in your protection.

Your Mailbox

Yes, this hometown staple tops the list as the second riskiest non-technological point of identity theft, according to a 2007 study.  All that deliberate securing of documents and shredding of personal information do not address this issue. Protecting your mail before it gets into your hands is vital to guard against identity theft.

Again, the risk is real. According to an ABC News report, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) informs the public that approximately 400,000 Americans suffer stolen identities through mail theft. With the focus on phishing and virtual stealing schemes, the reliable snail mailbox must often be protected.


Sure, the ramifications may be caught if you monitor your financial statements. But, by then, irreparable damage may be done. No guarantee exists that your accounts will be credited or restored after a bout with an unauthorized user.

Thieves tend to remove either incoming or outgoing mail from your box. Indeed, you would notice. Perhaps. But sly criminals take only what is needed to avoid arousing suspicion. And, after hijacking a few pieces of mail over a short period, thieves amass enough information to pose as you.

With access to bill payments and credit card statements, identity thieves use account numbers to make purchases in your stead. Taking a step further, filling in the change of address form on the back of the statement keeps the activity hidden from you over a few months.

Also, the red outgoing mail flag signals not only your postal carrier but also those watching that valuable information is available for the taking. Account numbers and banking information open the door to further fraud. And check payments can be washed to make them payable to the criminal.

While paying your bills online, dropping outgoing mail at the post office, and checking financial statements prove helpful, they offer only a partial defense. Even being alert to mail delivery patterns, making attempts to diligently pick up mail promptly, and reporting suspicious activity fall short or prove impossible when you are away during the day. So, what solution remains?

Lock Your Mailbox

This simple solution allows mail carriers to place mail into the box. However, a key is required to remove it. This cost-effective measure protects your mail and identity from thievery. You would not leave the valuables and personal information in your home, even your computer, unlocked and unprotected. Consider your mailbox an extension of your home.

Unlocking Mailbox Security

Securing your mailbox with a lock can offer many benefits. It provides enhanced protection, privacy, and peace of mind. That's for both residential and business settings. A lock on your mailbox has a crucial advantage: it reduces identity theft risk. A locked mailbox is a strong defense against people who exploit personal information for malicious purposes.

A locked mailbox is essential in an era where online shopping and deliveries are common. Porch piracy is on the rise. Secure your mailbox to protect valuable packages and important deliveries. The lock is a deterrent, discouraging thieves from attempting to steal items left at your doorstep.

A lock on your mailbox prevents identity and package theft. Knowing that your personal information, bills, and important documents are secure can ease the stress associated with potential privacy breaches. This peace of mind is particularly valuable today. It's a fast-paced and interconnected world. The protection of one's identity and sensitive information is paramount.

Furthermore, a locked mailbox can be instrumental in maintaining the confidentiality of your mail when you are away from home. Whether you're on vacation, at work, or away for the day, a lock ensures your mail remains protected. This feature is especially beneficial for those who travel or have irregular schedules. 

The convenience of having a lock on your mailbox allows you to control who accesses your mail. Communities or apartment buildings with common mail areas prove especially hard to monitor due to the level of natural traffic. Locking mailboxes located in these main gathering spaces becomes especially important.  With a lock in place, each recipient can retrieve their mail, minimizing the risk of mail mix-ups. This ensures that confidential information reaches the intended recipient. However, be aware that significant risk exists at end-of-the-drive boxes as well.

Seal The Deal

We offer key-making services on quick turnaround timeframes to maintain the security of your personal information in case of a broken or lost key. Newly cut, duplicate keys give you same-day access to your mail. And, if security remains a question with a lost key floating about, new lock installation ensures only you access sensitive, personal mail.

When considering mailbox locks, durability, and weather resistance is essential. Locks with corrosion-resistant materials offer long-lasting protection. Stainless steel or zinc alloy locks are popular choices. They are robust and can withstand varying weather conditions.

Installing a mailbox lock is often straightforward. Some locks may need professional installation. This is especially true for complex systems or when retrofitting existing mailboxes. We can help you find the best lock for your mailbox type and security needs.

Consider the Investment

While the price of a locked, secure metal mailbox may cause you to cringe, consider the investment. The couple hundred dollars to install this type of box offers assurance against the time, hassle, and financial loss of identity theft. 

A lock on your mailbox is a cost-effective security measure. Many locks are easy to install, requiring minimal effort to enhance the security of your mail. This accessibility makes it a viable option for those looking to protect their mail.

As technology advances, some mailbox locks now have smart features. They allow remote monitoring and control. Smart locks enable homeowners to receive notifications when the mailbox is accessed. This provides extra awareness and security. 

The risk of identity theft looms large for Americans. Both virtual and old standby mailboxes continue to prove at risk. Fortunately, the means to protect your personal information and identity are within your grasp. Grab the keys and lock that mailbox today.

Your Key To Piece Of Mind

In conclusion, the benefits of having a lock on your mailbox are extensive and encompass various security and privacy aspects. A locked mailbox thwarts identity theft and package theft. It ensures confidentiality and provides peace of mind. A locked mailbox is a valuable investment to safeguard your sensitive information. Consider this measure to enhance the security of your mail. Enjoy the advantages it brings to your life.

Contact us today for information on securing your identity by locking your mailbox. Our expert locksmiths can provide personalized advice. Take the proactive step towards enhanced security and peace of mind – let us help you fortify your mailbox against potential threats. We’re happy to help!

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