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4 Reasons Why Security Systems Are Important To Your Business

As a business owner you have more than enough challenges every day. Keeping your eyes peeled for possible  security issues does not have to be one of them. Sevan Locks and Doors can handle that important aspect of your business with expert attention to detail.

1. Protection of Your Business Assets

Your business location is the place you spend the most time - as much or more than the time spent at home. As such you probably have items of both professional and personal value on site. Why not provide the same mind-easing security for both?

Most likely, you have expensive business equipment placed in a manner to expedite its most efficient use for the daily running of the business. Additionally, personal items are often present for your convenience, thereby aiding efficiency at the place of business. Disruption from a security issue is a disruption in business.   

2. Safety In The Work Environment

Security systems provide protection for your business in numerous ways:

– Monitored areas are safe areas, preventing suspicious activity in real time.

– Burglaries are deterred when a security system is present. Especially if there are signs alerting that the security system is present.    

– Vandalism is reduced. No criminal wants to be caught on tape.

3. 24/7 Protection 

A security system keeps a business protected both during busy work hours and after the staff has left for the day. Cameras, gates, lighting - all are huge signs to any would be criminal that this is a business to by-pass. 24/7 protection provides peace of mind so you can rest at night,knowing your business is safe. And if you do become a victim, you will have evidence of trespass, theft, and damage. . 

Sevan Locks and Doors has the personnel, equipment and products to keep your business safe.

4. Helps Prevent Employee Theft

No one wants to deal with a member of the ‘family’ taking advantage of an opportunity for dishonest personal gain. Yet there are times when safeguards are necessary. You cannot be the constant eyes and ears of employee mistrust. 

Indoor cameras keep a watch on all employees in real time, and a record of all employee actions, if a future review is necessary. Outdoor cameras do the same, adding an extra layer of protection. Technical support can aid in the retrieval and gathering of recorded actions if the business client needs assistance.  

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