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Reasons Your Garage Door Opener Light Won't Shut Off

Is your garage door opener light coming on and staying on? It’s usual for it to be on for about 4 minutes after you open your door. However, if it is staying on longer than that, there is a problem you need to address. The team here at Sevan Locks and Doors has a few tips for you to troubleshoot the fact that your garage door opener light won't shut off.

What Controls The Lights?

Most garage door openers have at least one light bulb that can sometimes be LED. Your opener has a logic receiver board that controls the light features. There is a timer for the lights that last 4 minutes. When your opener light stays on for more than the usual 4 minutes, there are a number of reasons why.

Why The Light Stays On

Here are a few reasons why your Blue Max, Lift Master, or other garage door opener light stays on longer than the usual time:

1. Motion Sensors Were Triggered

Most openers come with motion sensors. This feature comes on when the sensor detects movement. The light will come on any time someone walks in front of the beams. If you’re constantly walking in and out of the garage, the feature stays activated without you thinking about it. You can turn off this feature through your remote control menu.

This is a helpful security feature especially when you are away from your home. Some motion sensors are strong enough to detect heat. The motion sensor also makes sure you never have to work in a dark garage.

2. Light Features Are Activated

If your remote control has different functions, the light feature is easy to turn off. If you don’t want the light to turn on when it senses movement, follow these easy steps:

  • Turn off the function through the menu button.
  • Click the button that says “light settings.”
  • Click the automatic light button.
  • Turn off the sensory feature function.
  • Return to your menu panel.

If you don’t have multiple functions, check your instruction manual to see how to turn off this relay feature. The manual will have more instructions on these features.

3. Try The Door Control Panel

If your door control has multiple functions, check the “Light” button on the panel. Your door control panel is usually on the wall inside your garage. Sometimes the “Light” switch button is accidentally activated which causes the light to stay on. Try pressing it again to turn it off.

How To Troubleshoot The Issue

After you try these steps and your opener light still won’t turn off, there are several troubleshooting steps you can do. While troubleshooting doesn’t fix all the issues, it’s a great idea to try anyway when it won't turn off.

The wiring in the logic board could also be the problem. Try these steps to fix the issue:

  • Reset the light timer to the lowest setting (90 seconds) instead of 4 minutes.
  • Disconnect the unit power.
  • Disconnect the wiring from the opener.
  • After 90 seconds, reconnect the power and see if the lights come on.
  • Then, reconnect the opener.

If you think there’s a problem, don’t wait to get it repaired. Waiting for repairs will cause more damage to other parts of your garage door system. This will also cost you more time and money in the long run.

Solving The Issue

If the lights stay on, the logic board could have an issue. If the lights blink on and off, sometimes it can be a red light, after you reconnect the power, an expert should check the wiring in the unit. Call the team here at Sevan Locks and Doors right away and they will find the source of the problem. They will either recommend a part replacement or further troubleshoot the problem.

When your opener lights won’t turn off on your Genie or another brand of garage door opener, call your local garage door company right away. If your troubleshooting steps don’t work, an expert will find the problem and give you a solution.

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