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Smart Tips for Seattle Commercial Door Maintenance

Commercial doors get a lot of use. The more use they get, the more wear and tear they receive, and the greater the odds of different parts breaking. A broken door can be a hassle and inconvenience customers. It may even be dangerous. Simple maintenance can keep your commercial doors in top operating condition.

Do Not Prop the Doors Open

If the doors are propped open, this can cause them to come unaligned. Once whatever is holding the door open is removed the door may come off the track or not glide as smoothly as it should. If left open the wind may catch the door, and this can bend components and possibly even cause the glass to break. If it is necessary to leave a door open, there is hardware that can be installed depending on the type of door, to do so. If your door does not have the hardware necessary to safely leave it open, consult a professional.

Adjust the Closers

If the door is closing too quickly or too slowly, this is an indication that the closers are not properly adjusted. This is normal and as the door is in use, parts may loosen and adjustments will need to be made to keep the doors in proper working order.

Clean and Paint the Doors

If doors are dirty and paint is chipping it can look sloppy and unprofessional. It is important that doors which are intended for customers create an inviting atmosphere, but it is still necessary to keep all doors neat and tidy. Keeping the doors cleaned and painted can also help extend the life of the doors and improve the curb appeal of your business. Make sure to use a paint specifically intended for metal that resists rust.

Replace Kick Plates and Hardware

If the kick plate, handles or other parts of the door are looking worse for the wear, have those parts replaced. Updated hardware will also keep the doors working properly and will potentially extend the life of the doors. And these updates make your business look professional.

Do Not Add Kick Plates to the Door Exterior

Kick plates can protect a door, but they also create a thin space that rain, snow and that lets the elements into this area. If moisture builds up between the door and the kick plate, this can lead to rust. The rust can go unnoticed for a while because the kick plate will hide it, and this can potentially ruin a commercial door.

Do Not Get Commercial Doors Wet

Exterior doors will be exposed to the elements, and that is fine. Doors built for exterior applications are designed to handle the wind, rain, snow and more. It is important to clean the doors, but do not hose them down or dump a bucket of water on them. The doors are built to handle exposure to weather, but they are not intended to be exposed to high-pressure water or to be submerged.

Handle Doors with Care

Commercial doors should always be used reasonably. Do not slam, kick or punch the doors. If the door is moving slowly, do not yank it open or push it closed. Being aggressive with the doors can cause them to break down sooner than they should. Broken doors may not operate safely. Depending on the type of damage a broken door may not be able to be locked which poses a security issue.

If Something Is Not Working Right Take a Closer Look

Commercial doors will not fix themselves if the problem is ignored. Problems only get worse when an issue is not resolved. If the door sticks or the key was difficult to insert or remove, call a professional to look into the problem. The best time to fix a problem is as soon as it is identified.

Replace Batteries

Some styles of commercial doors have exit alarms or card access systems that are battery powered. Checking the batteries on a regular basis ensures these features are powered and in proper working order.

Pay Special Attention to Fire Doors

If a door is marked as a fire exit, do not make any modifications without first checking with a locksmith or your local fire department. Only certain styles of locks can be used on fire doors. If you were to replace the lock with a model that is not up to code, this could cause a safety issue and be a violation.

Take Care of Commercial Doors to Prevent Problems

Smart maintenance can ensure your commercial doors will operate safely and effectively. It is important to regularly inspect doors for damage, perform simple maintenance and when a problem is found fix it right away. By taking care of commercial doors, you can extend how long they last and ensure your customers, staff, and vendors are safe.

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