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Access Control and CCTV Integration in Capitol Hill, WA 98102

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Today’s security systems integrate technology seamlessly and make real-time access control with video easy to use from anywhere. The benefits of CCTV with controlled access give you the security, safety, and peace of mind you are looking for.

We Offer CCTV Integration Services

By integrating CCTV (Closed-Circuit TV) into your security system in Capitol Hill, WA,  you will have benefits like:

  • Video Recording And Storage
  • Real-Time Video
  • Remote Access Control
  • Remote Video Access
  • Security System Integration
  • HD Video Day And Night
  • Technical Support

CCTV continues to be a staple of commercial and residential security systems. By integrating CCTV with your security system, the cameras and motion sensors can trigger a cascade of security protocols and alerts to enhance response times for overall safety.

Where Is CCTV Integration And Access Control Used?

CCTV has been in use with security systems for decades, but recently the technology has become more available at the consumer level. Today you see CCTV Integration and Access Control everywhere:

  • Retail
  • Warehouses
  • Campuses
  • Homes
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Banks
  • Offices
  • Apartments
  • Etc...

Mobile And Remote Security Access

Security camera video is commonly viewed through secure network access on mobile devices and monitoring stations. Unlock and lock doors from remote locations. Users with clearance can lock and unlock doors from across the campus or across the country.

Commercial and Residential Security In Capitol Hill, Washington

Capitol Hill, WA, is one of the most popular entertainment districts in the Seattle, WA area. Sevan Systems is honored to serve the businesses and people of Capitol Hill.

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Sevan Systems is located in Seattle, WA, and we integrate CCTV and Access Control systems for our customers in Capitol Hill, WA, and surrounding areas such as Magnolia or Downtown Seattle. Talk with one of our experts to learn how we secure businesses today.

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