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Top Security Systems of 2022

Are you looking for a new security system for your home or business this year? The type of security system you buy depends on the needs of your property. Here’s a list of the top security systems of 2022 from the team at Sevan Locks and Doors.

Why Use A Security System?

Our team believes that security systems are your property’s first line of defense. They are valuable for your home or business. With today’s technology, you can access your property from anywhere, which gives you peace of mind when you’re away. 

A security system alters you to potential threats, deters potential robbers, and can detect fire and carbon monoxide.These systems protect your valuables, your family, and business. A professional company can help you install several security systems. 

Top Security Systems Of 2022

SimpliSafe Home Security

This system ranks among the top choices for 2022 security systems. The main reason it’s so popular is the easy installation features. If you’re looking for a smart security system, you may enjoy checking out this option. 

Many people enjoy the package variety options with this system. You can choose from a basic option or a higher, more expensive selection. Buyers can also purchase remote monitoring features from a professional company. 

Vivint Smart Home

While this system doesn’t include a DIY option, it offers many benefits. A professional technician can do the installation and walk you through the features. The included application for this smart system monitors home and security features to give you peace of mind. 

Similar to the SimpliSafe system, the Vivint Smart Home offers a few different packages that include more expensive features. All packages include 24/7 monitoring, which is important for any home or business.

Frontpoint Home Security

Frontpoint Home offers a top-rated DIY security system for your home. If you want full security systems and protection monitoring, this is a great option. It includes a membership plan where you can choose the best option that works for your needs. 

A great part of this system is that you can customize any part of their packages. Whether you want indoor cameras or motion sensors, you can include features you want. 

Link Interactive Home Security

Link Interactive Home is another system that ranks with the top security systems of 2022. However, this one is slightly different from others as it includes fire, smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detection features. You have the option of using the company's application on your phone to set and control the features for your home. 

If you want cameras, door locks, and video doorbells included in your package, you can add them. The mounting feature is another helpful part for your home. You can mount the system anywhere in your home for careful monitoring. 

Ring Alarm Home Security

The Ring Alarm Home Security system is the last of our list. This system is the most affordable DIY option for your home. The system itself is inexpensive and offers a low-cost remote monitoring feature. It also includes Amazon Alexa voice assistant for home automation.

If you want to include additional features for an upgrade, you can add doors, lights, or even a garage controller. As with most security systems, this one includes wireless options and night vision detection. If you see other features you like, you can always upgrade your package to one that offers more options. 

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