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How to Keep Your Garage Door Safe From Break-ins In Seattle

Every day, there are residents who experience some type of break-in on their property. These break-ins occur both at night and during the day. You may think that these break-ins happen through a window or the front door. Actually, your garage is one of the most popular points of entry for burglars. The team at Sevan Locks and Doors has some helpful tips on how to keep your garage door safe from break-ins.

Find The Age of Your Garage Door

Your garage is an easy place for intruders to break into your home. The first thing you to do is find out how old your door is. Ask yourself when the last installation was. You should also figure out the age of your garage door opener.

Over time, the wires in the opener and remote wear out and need a replacement. If your remote is older than 1993, you should upgrade it right away. Before this date, remote signals were not as advanced in technology. Now, technology makes it harder to “hack” into your remote signals.

Keep Your Remote In A Safe Place

It’s never a good idea to clip your remote to your car’s visor. You most likely park in many places each day. It only takes a few minutes for someone to steal your remote. Keep it in a place that’s hidden away from sight. Some people use a mini remote than you keep on your keychain.

There are many brands that offer Bluetooth capabilities for your garage door. Now, you can purchase doors and remotes that sync to your smartphone.

Tint Your Windows

Do you have windows in your garage door? Windows are also an easy entry point for intruders. It’s not hard to someone to peek through your windows and see what you have in your garage. If you have clear windows, consider tinting them or covering them with a type of film. You can also replace your clear windows with frosted glass.

Install A Security System

You can’t put a price on your family’s security. A security system is one of the most popular options to keep your residence secure. That being said, what do you need to know about installing a security system?

Lighting Around the Garage and Entryway

Extra lighting around the garage and home is important. Some people add motion sensor lighting around walkways and the backyard. This is a great idea but sometimes it’s not enough to keep your garage secure. Install a visible camera above the garage as well as an alarm system. Make sure you can connect the alarm system to the garage door.

Do Nightly Security Checks

Before you go to bed each night, make sure you walk around and check all of your doors. If you have a door leading from the garage to your home, make sure it’s locked.

Put A Vacation Mode In Place

Did you know that you can set your garage door opener to a vacation mode? This is an additional security measure. The best way is to just disconnect your motor. This way, no one can use your remote to open your door. You can also activate the “lock” button on your control panel.

Your local garage door experts can help you add a side lock to the inside of your door. You can lock this with a padlock for extra security.

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