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Basics About Key Fobs and How They Make Cars Safe

A key fob, or keyless entry, gives you the option to enter your car without having to physically put a key into the lock on your car and turn it. Key fobs offer the benefits of security and convenience benefits, and now even the most basic vehicles have fobs included in newer models.

Popularity of key fobs

Most vehicles made in the 2010s also come with keyless entry fobs that let you enter your car without even pulling your keychain out of your bag or pocket. You can use your fob to get into and out of your car by locking and unlocking without having to dig around for keys.

How they work

Additionally, key fobs provide a way to easily access the trunk and sometimes the hood with the click of a button. This is particularly helpful when it comes to loading arms full of boxes or bags into the back of your vehicle. All you have to do is click a button and your trunk pops open for you to deposit your items inside.

Safety benefits of a key fob

Key fobs make your car safer because they include a panic button that you can use if you need to protect yourself or your family. The panic button triggers a car alarm that causes your horn to honk, headlights to blink, and creates a general havoc that’s sure to draw some attention.

Get help

The chaos generated by triggering the panic button gets the attention of those around you, including people who might be able to get help. A panic button also distracts and startles the perpetrator, making is more likely that the person will leave you alone, lest they get caught by a police officer or good Samaritan who comes to help.More advanced key fobs offer even greater safety features like dome light controls to help keep other drivers safe.

Keyless entry

Utilizing a keyless entry system gives you the option to safely enter your vehicle as long as the fob is on you. This keeps your car locked and impenetrable to those who don’t possess your fob.

No activation required

You also don’t have to activate the fob manually by clicking a button, which often sets off your headlights or a little chirp that can get the attention of individuals from across a parking lot. While this could be helpful when you’re hurrying across a parking lot with a cart full of groceries, it opens you to potential danger if someone up to no good gets to your car first.

Customized remote codes

Remote codes are customized to individual cars and fobs, which keeps your car safe and accessible only to you or family members who have a fob to your individual vehicle. Just because you have a Toyota Camry and someone else has a Toyota Camry doesn’t mean that the other person can use a remote to gain entry into your vehicle.


Additionally, the code regenerates after each use, which keeps others from interfering with your code and somehow intercepting it. Plus, with the wide number of combinations and regenerations happening in every parking lot every day, the likelihood that any other key fob will sync up with your vehicle’s code is slim to none.

Replacing your fob

What happens when the key fob you rely on fails to work? You might be locked out of your car or feel that you can’t even turn it on.

Replacement required

Thankfully, even keyless entry vehicles do have a traditional key on standby if the fob fails to function. You can simply pop the key out of the fob piece to unlock your car and manually start the ignition. Still, though, you want to get a replacement fob as soon as you possibly can. That’s where your locksmith comes in.

Cheaper than the dealer

Using a locksmith to replace your fob is convenient and much cheaper than going to your dealer to get a replacement fob. Typically, your locksmith also offers less expensive services than independent mobile fob replacement services.

Comes to you

Additionally, your locksmith will come to you so you don’t even have to worry whether you can figure out your emergency key or seem to have misplaced your valet copy. When you need a new fob, you need to have it right away, and we understand your need to get to wherever you’re headed next.

Here at Sevan Locks and Doors, we have service that runs seven days a week to help you replace your key fob and get access to your vehicle without delay. Our friendly staff understands your needs and can give you the replacement fob that you need to get back to your daily routine without a hiccup. Call us today to learn more about your options for key fob replacement.

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