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Garage Door Repair in White Center, WA

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A malfunctioning garage door can be a major inconvenience and a potential security risk. At Sevan Locks & Doors, we use our extensive expertise to ensure the safety and functionality of your garage doors. Our reputation as a reliable and valuable locksmith, security, and garage door service provider is built on our prompt service, affordable rates, and high-quality repairs.

We Deliver Expert Garage Door Repair Services

As a family-owned and operated business, we understand the importance of a secure and comfortable home. Our top-notch services and repairs are designed to enhance your garage door's curb appeal and functionality. Fast and convenient, our technicians and services will have your garage door operating like new again in no time! 

Commonly Asked Questions About Garage Door Repair

The right information can help you make an accurate and informed decision when your garage door needs repair. Below, we have discussed some of the most common questions that customers have about their garage doors. Please give us a call if you need more information or have a separate question. 

What Might Be Causing My Garage Door To Become Stuck On Its Track?

A garage door that jerks or becomes stuck on its track when opening or closing could indicate that the rollers or tracks have been damaged. If your garage door is exhibiting this type of malfunction and behavior, give us a call. We will send one of our licensed and trained technicians to pinpoint your door's damaged or malfunctioning area and its parts. Once we have identified the issue, we will provide you with an honest recommendation and quote for the fix. 

Why Does My Garage Door Look Uneven And Lopsided?

If your garage door has a broken cable, one side could appear lower or higher than the other. If your garage door suddenly falls due to a broken cable, contact Sevan Locks & Doors immediately to avoid serious injury or damage. We will examine your door and its parts to ensure the issue is fixed correctly and no longer threatens you, your family, and your home. 

Make The Smart Choice And Contact Us For Your Repair Needs

When you call other garage door services, you are rolling the dice on the service and quality of repair you will receive. When you contact us here at Sevan Locks & Doors, you receive the best customer service and repair for your garage door needs. From when you first call us to when we have successfully completed garage door repair, we will provide you with what you need and deserve. 

Providing Quality And Affordable Repairs To White Center, WA

With solutions you can trust and fixes you can afford, our garage door repairs help make and keep garage doors and homes secure in White Center, WA. We also provide repair services to surrounding communities, including Woodinville, Mill Creek, and Issaquah, WA. Call us now for a complete listing of the areas we serve and the services we offer. 

Please Don't Wait, Call Now!

For any and all garage door problems, give us a call today. We at Sevan look forward to helping you quickly resolve your issues through courteous and knowledgeable service using high-quality, durable products. Why? Because your security, convenience and satisfaction are our highest priority.

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