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Replacement Car Keys: Locksmith vs. Dealership

So you’ve lost your car keys and are now trying to decide whether to get them replaced by a local Seattle locksmith or dealership? But wait, there’s another contender – the online sellers. So, which one of them will get the car key job done right and for the right price? You’ve already been punished for losing the keys, the inconvenience, and – for the triple whammy – the price. Well let’s break them all down.

The Online Sellers

These are sites like eBay that you can find replacement blank keys for anywhere from $10 to $10,000 – well, 10 grand only if you want a Ferrari Enzo original uncut key. Most basic car key blanks fall in the $10-$30 range and will still need to be cut and programmed by a hardware store or locksmith. When you get more into the smart keys, they will range from $50-$100 and will need to be programmed and cut as well.

The problem with online sellers is the time factor. You’ll have to pay for shipping, wait (x) amount of days and then take it to a dealership, locksmith, or hardware store to get it cut and/or programmed to have it finally operational. This is great if you are a transit commuter in the Seattle area but, if not, this might not be the best option for you.

This isn’t including the fact you need to make sure you bought the right replacement keys. So doing a bit of research on this route will be ideal if you’re looking to save a buck.

Mobile Seattle Locksmiths

Locksmiths are a dime a dozen, but there are always a select few that will swoop in to save your day like a Superman or Wonder Woman. Their prices will be competitive to the Seattle dealerships as well as online sellers. But also inline to pay for time and labor. They should be honest and upfront with offering free estimates. They should be able to cut and/or program your new car key in a day; getting you back on the road faster. Last but not least, they should be local and reputable.

If you’re in an emergency or can’t get to a dealership, then maybe a mobile locksmith around your area might be your best bet. Especially when you consider the price tag that comes with taking an Uber back or even towing your car to a dealership before you even start the replacement car key process.

If you need the convenience factor, someone coming out to you to save the day - mobile locksmiths would be your best bet. You will have some assurance in having everything back to normal with a new replacement car key but always make sure to test it before paying.

Seattle Dealerships

If you do have the convenience and time to go to a local dealership, then you may find this to be your best solution. I say “may” because dealerships sometimes charge a premium fee for that warm fuzzy feeling. Expect to be paying around $200 for a key replacement on some of the modern cars. They are also typically working on multiple projects, so you may be waiting a day or so before being able to get your replacement car key. But you will have some sort of assurance that once this ordeal is done, you will have a working car key.

Need a Replacement Car Key in Greater Seattle Area?

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