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How to Keep a Seattle Senior Safe at Home

Sometimes, seniors just need a little extra help around the house. When younger generations take care of older family members, safety becomes an important issue because the elderly are more susceptible to falls. Older people, especially those with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, may wander away from the house unexpectedly. It is important to know how to keep a senior safe at home. As such, you take certain steps to ensure the highest level of safety. These tips offer practical advice for keeping your loved ones safe while providing peace of mind for your family knowing that your elderly relatives stay secure in your home.

Electronic Door Locks

Electronic door locks provide a way for seniors to stay inside, even when you’re not at home. This is especially important for people prone to wandering away. Electronic door locks have a keyed entry or a touchpad code, but there is another feature that makes electronic door locks an essential part of your loved one’s safety.

Remote Access

Electronic door locks have the ability for remote access. That means you can unlock or lock doors through a wireless connection in your home. You can lock or unlock the door through your smartphone, which is particularly helpful in an emergency situation if first responders must get into the home to check on your family. Plus, electronic door locks can connect to a whole-home security system for additional protection.

Security System

A higher-cost solution includes a whole-home security system with a control panel located at a centralized place in your home. This security system monitors windows, your garage and any doorway you want. Some systems have alarms that go off when windows open, while others beep when someone enters a particular door.

Motion Sensors and Cameras

Whole-home security systems also entail motion sensors to detect people walking around outside, and you can install video cameras to monitor what goes on inside and outside your house. Again, you can handle these security functions remotely through your smartphone if you need to in a pinch. Use your whole-home security system in conjunction with electronic door locks and window locks for the best possibly lock system.

Safety System

An in-home safety system is different from a security system. A safety system combines sensors and wireless devices to monitor the daily habits of your elderly loved one. After a two-week time frame, the system learns your senior’s daily routine. This routine includes bedtime, waking time, meals, medications and daily walks.


The system instantly notifies you if anything is out of place. Friends, family, caregivers and even emergency personnel receive a notification if there is any disruption to your loved one’s normal routine. This kind of technology brings your family peace of mind while maintaining the independence of your senior relative.

For When You’re Not at Home

Safety for when you’re not at home, but your loved one stays at home, is an important consideration. That way, everyone can have a little freedom while having peace of mind.


Install extra lighting outdoors to scare away any would-be burglars. The extra lights also make it brighter for when your senior decides to take out the trash or go for an evening stroll.


Keep extra keys locked up in a safe location. This is where electronic locks come into play. Keep car keys, safe keys, duplicate keys and keys to your storage unit locked away in a specialized locker that has a key entry itself.


Store valuables in a place that’s not your home. Consider renting a storage unit to put your loved one’s cherished belongings. If you need a climate-controlled space, rent an indoor storage unit as opposed to one that opens to the outside world. If your baby boomer collected a lot of belongings over the years, the safest place for valuables is in a secure location away from your home.


A flexible schedule deters possible burglars because these criminals can’t determine your senior’s regular routine. Try to vary the schedule a bit every week to keep any onlookers guessing. One week, your loved one may meet friends for breakfast on Thursday at 7 a.m., but the next week that meeting could change to 6:30 a.m. on Monday.

Security Evaluation

Before you make any sudden changes to your home’s security protocol, have a professional examine your home for a security evaluation.

From Locks to Access

A professional locksmith goes over the types of locks in your home, makes any extra keys you need and develops an access control plan that fits your needs.

Every home and every family has a unique situation. We are here to help you determine the best way to secure your home with your elderly loved one. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that’s certainly true of the safety and security of your home.

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