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Jammed Ignition Repair Tips

Many don’t realize the number of times that we turn our car key in the ignition and start car up. Over the course of a year, this act can be done on average, as many as 4000 times! Crazy number, huh?  We often take for granted the fact that the simple mechanical motion of turning keys can jumpstart an entire slew of processes to get us to where we want to go in the comfort of our vehicle. With every use of our ignition system, there comes the trimmings of wear and tear on the car, particularly on the ignition system itself. For this reason, many times, jammed ignition repair is an unfortunate but necessary evil.


When You Know

The most obvious way of telling if your vehicle is in need of jammed ignition repair or replacement is if your car is not starting up. Or if you don’t see any other internal issues that could be causing the issue. Getting a mechanic’s second opinion on this is certainly a good idea.


The Need for Performing Jammed Ignition Repair

But there are many other signs that can show the need for performing jammed ignition repair on your car. The first of these is what mechanics call a “sticky start.” This happens when you turn the key and the car engine stutters more than normal and finally jumps into power. This typically occurs because the ignition system has been worn down or there is a foreign object such as dirt or grime that is preventing a smooth start to the car.

Jiggle Car Keys

Another way to know that your car needs ignition repair is if you have to perform an unconventional method to get your car to start. Many drivers complain that they have to jiggle their keys or try multiple times to get their keys to start the car. This should not have to happen upon a freshly manufactured car. And shouldn’t truly be happening for at least a few years after as well.

Important to Note

Of course - sometimes there isn’t an issue with the ignition system. An issue with the key itself that is causing the ignition system not to recognize the entry and stay unaffected. Some cases of cars require rough turning of the key in order to get the car to start. It is important to note that these issues should be addressed immediately by a professional mechanic. It can only make the car experience worse conditions if left alone for long.


DIY Jammed Ignition Repair

Before spending hundreds of dollars and a sheer amount of time at the auto repair center, there are a few methods that are solely performed by the driver that may solve the ignition problem before extra help is needed.

  • Cleaning: It is very important that the locking cylinder is both free from dirt and debris, as well as lubricated properly. In order to ensure this, wipe the outside clean with a towel and use a can of compressed air to remove any debris from the innards of the key hole. Then use WD40 to spread in the key hole in order to ensure proper lubrication for a smooth turn.
  • Tapping: Sometimes the pins on the inside of the ignition system that accept the car key get jammed and need realignment. One way to do this safely is to take your key and upon inserting it, gently tap with a tack hammer until you feel the key is properly seated in the ignition.


Professional Jammed Ignition Repair

Sometimes the handyman cannot solve everything, and the experts are needed. If all else fails, locksmiths across the country are very experienced in performing jammed ignition repair.

Most of these repairs are pretty straightforward and can happen within one business day. The cost of jammed ignition repair is total of around $200, equally divided between the parts and the labor. it's depending on the relative age of the car.

In this job, the technician will perform repairs to the ignition system, and in some cases replace the ignition system entirely. The locksmith will ensure that you are all ready for the road and feeling confident about your car starting when you walk out!

Lastly… When it comes to figuring out what to do with your ignition, don’t hesitate trusting a professional to get the job done. Sometimes, the extra money you spend to get jammed ignition repair done is so much worth it; compared to the hassle of doing everything on your own.

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